Thursday, February 07, 2013

Kevin Lempa back at BC for third go around

Steve Addazio hired Kevin Lempa and now officially has an NCAA approved 10-man staff. Lempa should be a familiar name to BC fans as this is his third stint with the program. He was on Bicknell's staff in the 1980s and then returned to BC in the later TOB years. He is a decent hire and a bit of a BC bad penny (which I'll explain) and I am okay with having him on board.

Lempa likes BC, likes the area, is a pretty good coach and an underrated recruiter of New England high schools.  That makes him a positive addition to the staff. He also has ties to Don Brown, so I am sure that was a factor in the decision to bring him back. But after his last go around, I never thought he would be at BC again.

Like most work places, football staffs can easily form cliques. Sometimes it is by age or race or which side of the ball you are on. In the later TOB years, Lempa was sort of the man without a country. Like many of the other staffers with New England roots, he wanted to stay, but wasn't given that option by Gene, Spaz (and therefore Jags). He left without even cleaning out his office. But unlike most of the guys who weren't hand selected by Gene, Lempa was not offered a job with NC State. Fortunately for him, he caught on with Maryland.

And because he didn't follow TOB to Raleigh, Lempa felt free to go on record with ESPN with regards to the Ryan Glasper story (my take, ESPN's). While the Glasper story reflected poorly on TOB, I thought Lempa's association with it was enough to make him persona non grata now. The doctors criticized in the situation are still with the program. Perhaps Lempa's loyalty to the players and guys like Glasper was enough to overlook any issues related to the story.

I wish the staff was a little younger, but overall it is a nice mix. You have nice base of institutional knowledge, talent scouts and solid positional teachers. It should be a strong spring.


FakeShalomTfree said...

I may have missed this, but who is the recruiting coordinator on the staff?

John said...

Good question, because I don't know either.

Anonymous said...

we needed to fully clean house, not bring in a bunch of retreads