Thursday, March 21, 2013

Digging into the BC Baseball team's issues

By any measure the BC baseball team is having a rough start. It wasn't supposed to be this way. To get a handle on what is going wrong I asked Brian from College Baseball Daily some questions. His answers are below.

1. The season got off to a terrible start. They've even had a rough time with the baseball equivalent of mid-majors. What's gone wrong?

Brian Foley: Everything possible without major injuries. The Eagles can't pitch or hit. They are currently ranked 279th in team ERA at 7.07 with the nearest team in the conference 2.6 runs ahead of them. They are ranked 288th in team batting average at .212. There is ONLY 296 Division 1 college baseball teams so it isn't like they can get much worse.

2. After last season you said BC would have a winning year this season. Can they rebound and have a respectable finish?

Brian Foley:  If Boston College wins more then five games in the ACC this season, I would be stunned. This team is a mess right now with no pro prospects besides Tommy Bourdon.

3. The team is young. What are your early impressions of the freshmen?

Brian Foley: They haven't lived up to expectations at all. Chris Shaw right now has been a disaster as he has started 17 out of 18 games while hitting now .123 heading into this weekend. He was the second best prospect in the Futures League this past summer and hasn't lived up to his billing at all.

4. I have no idea where baseball is on Brad Bates' radar, but at what point does Gambino get put on the hotseat? Does his relationship with DeFilippo impact his status positively or negatively in any way?

Brian Foley: I think Gambino will get another chance after this season then the seat will get warm. There is some major issues at Boston College with the baseball team but they have all the scholarships possible but they don't have a paid second assistant coach. Of course, the facility is an absolute joke!


mod34b said...

Drop baseball.

Drop baseball facility upgrades.


Make it a club team

mod34b said...
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BCDisco said...

Facilities are once again an issue with a BC sport.

It's starting to sound like a broken record.

EL MIZ said...

agree with 34B -- are we really going to make priority #1 building a freaking baseball stadium in Brighton? this team perenially stinks and nobody cares. just make it club and move on. focus all resources on the revenue-generating sports which people actually care about.

eagle1331 said...

Ugh. I'd rather have lax than baseball. And I hate lax... and I love baseball. Just fits our school/region more, and will make the chat sessions less predictable!

BC'78 said...

"focus all resources on the revenue-generating sports which people actually care about"
El Miz, if it's all about the money and it usually is, and if BC did as you suggest, they could really save some significant money by dropping 26 of the 29 sports teams that they field which drain on the athletic budget. Only 3 of 13 men's teams produce revenue and the 16 women's teams produce zero revenue for the athletic department. Short of blowing up the athletic program by dumping 26 teams, I would like to think it is more than the money. For those 600 talented student/athletes on the teams that nobody "actually cares about",they have the opportunity to compete against the best competiton in one of the strongest athletic and academic conferences in the nation. The new state of the art baseball facility was due for completion in 2009. Thanks to the ever present opposition from the abutters who block BC at every opportunity from completing projects on its own land with its own money,and Mayor Mennino who is strong arming BC for linkage,read payola, nothing gets done in Boston. People are out of work and the mayor could be a hero by approving this project and putting hundreds of contractors and laborers to work immediately. BC baseball had strong seasons in 2009 and 2010 and with the new, planned, overdue facility, could be a very competetive force in the ACC. Coach Gambino's recruiting would be much easier. A new baseball park could be a great asset to the community as it is down south where inexpensive, wholesome family entertainment attracts a wonderful support group for the team and the university. The social, politcal activists who are the loudest protesters are new to these neighborhoods and are not representing working class families who will never be able to afford to take their families to Fenway Park. BC baseball could be the perfect solution. Embrace it, don't eliminate it.

Mike said...

Hockey is not a revenue generating sport.

John said...

Choose to compete or eliminate it.

We're sick of coming in last - and I mean LAST!

Unknown said...

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