Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thoughts on Spring Practice

BC opened its Spring Practice season Tuesday. The Heights provided coverage too. But not much is going to come out of the first practice. Addazio said as much himself. The roster is the roster. There is no influx of talent. So it is all about making the talent we have better and changing the culture around the program.

We won't know much until the Spring Game but the secondhand stuff I am hearing about Addazio is positive. He's saying the right things to the players. He's leaning on the Seniors and getting them to buy in. Some coaches might cast Spaz guys aside and focus on his own players. The fact that Addazio is not speaks to his need to win right away and his willingness to work with the pieces he has.

Unlike past seasons, I think this Spring Game will be very telling. I know Rettig will start and get most of the snaps, but will we pass the ball much and what will our tempo be?  I also want to see how aggressive we are on defense. Long-term I am not worried about Don Brown's schemes or play calling. But short term there could be some growing pains.

If you think skepticism is natural among the fanbase, think of what it is like for these jaded players. Even if we don't come out as a crisp football team, Addazio's final goal should be to have every remaining players buy in.

(It is nice to have hope again, isn't it?)


eagleboston said...

I have hope, but I fear the next two years will be rough until Daz gets his own players into the system. We all need to be patient.

Sal said...

Any word on if the spring game will be changed so it will be an actual game (i.e., maroon team vs. gold team?) rather than offense vs. defense?

ObserverCollege said...

What pleases me is that I haven't heard a word about any sort of intensive conditioning program. What Coughlin did when he came in was awful. The conditioning base he formed that first offseason led to the eventual wins he accumulated. The worst, of course, being the theft of Notre Dame's rightful (national championship) money from the 1993 season.

I pray Coach Addazio is more sensible, and focuses on the public nature of spring practice rather than the buckets of sweat in the weight room that produces winners. I am confident Coach Addazio will see the light and reject Coughlin's example.

mod34b said...

Grandmpa Daz...yikes

Guy looks 20 years older than when he started a few months ago. A very grey pallor. The man is in his early 50s and he looks older than Spaz

....maybe its just the light, lack of sun, winter coloring, bad photography ...

mod10aeagle said...

Yeah, but Spaz never knew how to make a fist.

mod34b said...

Good one Mod10!

Yes, Spaz was a man without a brawler's instinct.

Usaully acting like a loser... Spaz as loser