Tuesday, April 09, 2013

BC adds a QB to the recruiting class

Delaware 3-star QB Darius Wade committed to Addazio on Monday. It is another nice pick up by Addazio. BC will probably target at least one more QB in this class.

Wade's commitment shows that BC is doing a good job reaching guys who weren't on Spaz's radar and building up a relationship with them. Welcome, Darius.


Benjamin said...

Addazio's recruitment efforts have clearly paid off. With this much payoff so quickly, it'll be interesting to see where Addazio has this program heading.

NEDofSavinHill said...

All conference re alignment is contingent on what the networks want to do and whether the $50 million exit fee is valid. If the Courts were to throw out the exit fee as restraint of trade then anything could happen. While the Big 10 and SEC tv deals are important the ND tv deal will impact BC more. 2. If exit fees are improper could ND in co operation with NBC start their own league? Could ND start a conference with Penn. St. and Ohio St. as the three bell cows. Each take 12% of the revenue. Add nine other teams that will get about 7% each of the payout. Espn pays about $20 mil per year each to the present ACC members or $ 240 mil per year. If the ND conference added FSU, Miami, Clemson, GT, VT, BC UVA, UNC and Duke and developed it's own network similar to the Big 10 it could easily exceed $300 mil annually.Maybe you could hit $400 mil. 3.When the Big 10 had 11 teams and was interested in expanding a Michigan guy was indicating that their goal was to get ND and four schools up in the northeast( maybe Rutgers, Maryland Syracuse and BC ) which would make them the top conference in both the Midwest and northeast. They would be tops in all the major tv markets ( NY, Bos. Baltimore D.C and Philadelphia). When the Big 10 was rebuffed by ND they turned to other plans. 4. What is the agreement between the ACC and ND re: the five annual football games? Is it site specific? Does ND have to play at lest two games at ACC venues yearly or can four or five be played as ND home games ? If they can be played at ND wouldn't NBC control the broadcast rights leaving ESPN with no advantage in adding ND to the ACC ? ND is the key to conference expansion.

Joseph said...

Good analysis, but too sad to think that it all reduced to $$$. True, but too bad. Not much different than the pros. At some point someone just might say,"what's the point".

Hario said...

Nice analysis Ned but what does this have to do with the QB recruit we just got??

EL MIZ said...

interesting we now have 2 lefty mobile QBs. this guy and the kid from Ohio, Walsh i think his name was.

Outlow is apparently gaining steam as a top 100 recruit. that guy Krondis Larry from FL may or may not be coming but he's a burner RB. then the mobile qbs and myles willis. it looks like Addazio is recruiting some solid backfield talent for his system.

love the coaching hire more and more. spaz was such a freaking bum, i feel compelled to reiterate just how awful he was. it is ridiculous BC had to buy him out.


EL MIZ said...

James Walsh, QB in Class of 2013:


Darius Wade, QB in Class of 2014:


great work by Addazio and Day, they clearly have an agenda as to what sort of players to recruit and are going out and getting them

Joseph said...

Until these recruits actually arrive at the Heights and show what they can do, we will all be simply hoping. However, that hope is pretty firmly based on some reasonable evidence. Now, where are all the naysayers. How does the crow taste?

I think that we will be pleasantly surprised next fall. Just like we were pleasantly surprised the way the BB team came together at the end of the season. So far so good. of course, (not to put the efforts down) anything would be better than the past few years.

eagleboston said...

I have liked the Daz hire from the start. I will never forget the outcry from Eagle Nation that completely blasted this hire with little empirical evidence and before he had even coached a single day. I have no idea if he will ultimately win games, but I like his process and approach. He has a vision for the program, unlike the floundering Spaz, and he has a passion to make BC competitive again.

Having said all of that, I still think next season is going to be a major struggle. We just don't have the horses thanks to that idiot Spaz. In fact, we may be looking at 3 years before BC can legitimately compete for the Atlantic Division. At least we finally have hope!

Lenny Sienko said...

It is nice to see that Daz is normalizing recruiting and getting it back to routine operation. It is sad to think about how far recruiting had fallen.

The speed and skill positions need to be recruited; but, more importantly for our return to glory, we need to recruit lineman on both sides of the ball.

I am still one of the naysayers on the Daz hiring process. I will remain unconvinced until an adequate explanation is given as to why a name specifically advised against by the advisory group was chosen. The whole process still leaves a bad taste.

This does not mean that I won't root, as always, for BC victories. I will; but I'm still not a Daz believer. Call me "Doubting Thomas".

mod10aeagle said...

I think we should declare a moratorium on two things: 1. ragging on Spaz. We've been doing it for at least two solid years, more really, and I'm now as tired of the ragging as I was of Spaz. Please, let it go. 2. Ragging on the "Daz" hire. Can we at least put a hold on it until he's lost a few games?

I'm as negative and cynical as anybody, but it would be refreshing to just hit the pause button on those two topics for a while.