Saturday, April 13, 2013

Can Tailgating give the Spring Game the attendance boost it needs?

Select Flynn Fund members will be allowed to tailgate on the surface lots next Saturday during the Spring Game. At other schools that is not a big deal. For BC to actively market tailgating to their most loyal customers is a sign of change.

This is a great opportunity for BC fans, but also comes with a responsibility. If we want to see the tailgating rules and environment change during Football season, we need to take advantage of these types of commitments from BC. Fans need to turn out next week, tailgate and be as cooperative with BC with regards to clean up and getting into the game.

The game might be exciting too. Based on the second scrimmage, it sounds like the team is improving. Addazio is also trying to create some incentives for the players, so that the game has a little more meaning.

I always try to use the Spring Game as a looking glass into the team's future. Maybe this year it is a glimpse of the changing Athletic Department.


Coast said...

Did everyone remember to tell Notre Dame thank you for the extra $1M+ in added media rights revenue every year?

CBS Sports: Notre Dame grows ACC revenue -- more than $1M per school annually

BC Interruption: Notre Dame To Increase ACC's Per-School Payout More Than $1M Per School Annually

EL MIZ said...

i told Lenany Kekua to spread the word of BC's gratitude.

Knucklehead said...

Well done.

After taxes that million is about 350,000k. That is 6 years of tuition to Boston College.

The slogan was "Change". That is all anyone has left, relatively speaking.

Tim Balk said...

Hot dogs and beans sound good too.

Ry said...

Assuming that BC pays 65% as a non-profit institution is pretty aggressive. We can debate whether that classification fits or not, but that's how we're treated by the powers that be.

JBQ said...

Tailgating is important. I like my idea better of "paving over the reservoir". They could do something in O'Neill Plaza. While visiting, I tried to see the inside of the church but it was lcoked. It would appear that BC needs to lighten up a bit. Addazio appears to be doing that but in nanometers. Once Addazio has his foot in the door, he needs to ramp it up. So far, everyone appears to be scratching their heads and "thinking" that things are moving in a positive direction. So far, it's "yeah, but" we shall see. Maybe the Spring game will be an indicator.

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