Thursday, July 18, 2013

The ACC announces new bowl deal; none of it matters for BC

The ACC unveiled its new bowl deals. Orange, Russell, Music City, Sun, and Charlotte return. The Gator Bowl is back and we are now part of the Pinstripe Bowl. The Peach Bowl is gone because it has been promoted to the new playoff, however, the ACC will get its No. 2 team in the Citrus Bowl any year the Big Ten No. 2 is in the Orange Bowl. From a PR and recruiting standpoint, this is probably neutral for the conference. We lost the Peach but will likely get the Citrus more often than not. But none of it matters for BC and ultimately I don't think it will matter much for most ACC teams.

BC fans shouldn't care because we are still in an Orange Bowl or bust mindset. BC is never going to be picked by any of the other bowls unless the bowl is forced. In good years we will go to Charlotte. In bad to El Paso or the Bronx. Does that really make a difference to anyone? If anything I think most BC fans would prefer the less prestigious Pinstripe Bowl over El Paso anyway.

Most ACC teams shouldn't care about this much either. This current bowl cycle deal is for six years. I doubt it will even need to be that long. I predict the playoff will be such success and such a form of controversy that it will expand to eight teams within three years and it will probably expand to 12 within five years. Once the playoffs become that big, the bowls will be a shell of themselves.

Until the bowls die, I just want to see BC in one again. That should be our only care and focus.


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