Thursday, August 29, 2013

BC-Villanova preview

We are here. We've finally arrived at our new beginning. Whether you are counting coaching eras, coaching trees or just the time between seasons, Saturday's game marks a starting point to Addazio Football and a clear turning point for BC Football. Villanova is our worthy opponent, but it doesn't really matter who we are playing. This is the first step in our rebuilding, our return to what were were and our chance to be something better than we've every been. Let's go!

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
I hope the Seniors are ready for a big season. I've written many times that College Football can be a real grind even when you are winning. Losing makes it that much worse. The Senior leaders on this team committed to BC under a different coach and -- although it was only five years ago -- a different time. They have put up with a lot on the field and in the locker room. I don't know any of these guys on a personal level but I hope they still have pride in being part of BC Football. Because their effort and this season will really set the tone for the next few years.

Three Simple Keys
1. Keep Robertson in the pocket. Is it too late to bring Spaz back as DC (I'm kidding)? My point is that Spaz's contain philosophy and dropping lots of guys into coverage would probably work well against the Wildcats. Obviously we are going to pressure Robertson, but I hope we at least spy him a bit in case he gets out of the pocket.
2. Run it and then run it some more. Addazio wants to run regardless of the opponent. So get used to it. What I hope is that we use this game as a tune-up and establish what works and what doesn't in the ground attack. Temple ran all over Villanova while Addazio was there. I expect more of the same.
3. Get other pass catchers involved besides Amidon. This is Rettig's chance to build trust and timing with other Receivers, Tight Ends and RBs.

Gambling Notes
-- Addazio is 2-0 against Villanova
-- BC has lost two straight home openers
-- Villanova is 3-12 against FBS teams since restarting football
The current line is BC-16

Despite being in a conference with Temple for more than a decade, we've actually played fellow Philly football school Villanova more (37 games vs Temple and 45 games against Villanova). We haven't played any of the other "Big Five" schools (Penn, St. Joe's and LaSalle). As an Ivy and without scholarships, I don't see us ever playing Penn in the future. St. Joe's and LaSalle disbanded football.

Scoreboard Watching
Wake Forest is playing Thursday and also facing a FCS opponent, so there is not much value there. The most important game for the ACC is probably Clemson-Georgia. A win there will help the conference immeasurably and also give us an indicator of how good Clemson might be this year.

I hope to see...
The team look crisp. What upset me from early on in the Spaz era is how often we looked disorganized or confused (think of OL alignment or Shinskie lining up under the wrong guy). Addazio is preaching attention to detail. Let's see if the message got through.

BC is in trouble if...
We cannot stop the run. I don't see 'Nova beating us by airing it out. I don't think it will happen, but I also don't want to be in a close game with them.

Bottom Line
This game cannot be close or interesting. It is only one game and only the first game, but when you play a FCS team in Week 1 of a new coaching regime, there is no room for a dud. BC needs to make enough of a statement as you can without embarrassing Villanova or risking injury to key players. I think we get up early and cruise to a decisive victory.
Final Score: BC 34, Villanova 13


JBQ said...

Heading into the unknown is like going into a tunnel with a light at the end. You don't know if it is daylight or just an oncoming train. Hopefully, Rettig will lead them out of the tunnel and into the daylight of a brand new beginning. Eagles Fly High.

EL MIZ said...

watching this first slate of games tonight, i can't wait to see us on Saturday.

Wake loafed through the Presbyterian game, and USC is currently struggling against Hawaii.

Game 1 prediction: BC 38, NOVA 14

season prediction: 7 wins (with 1 coming in the bowl game)

Someone Critique said...
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NEDofSavinHill said...

If we can get back to where we were it would be great. Winning eight straight bowl games and beating ND six times in a row. Remember in TOB's last five years he compiled a 26 win two loss non conference record. He had three wins against ND, two against Penn. St., two vs. BYU and a win vs. Stanford, Boise St. and UNC. If you look at the current top 25 with FSU, Clemson, Stanford, ND, Georgia and Boise St. you see programs that BC regularly beat. Let's get back to that level. Start with Nova. Thanks again ATL for your excellent site. Happy Labor Day.

Unknown said...
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