Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Predicting the start time for the USC game time announced UPDATED

[Updated: Austin Tedesco pointed out this press release from the spring that says it is a noon PT start. I will try to get confirmation from BC over which Pac 12 schedule is accurate.]

[USC put out a press release. Noon PT start. Probably the best news for BC fans and team travel. The rest of this post is obviously wrong and a waste of time.]

One month from today, BC will play USC in the Coliseum. Although we played the Trojans a few years ago in the San Fran Bowl, this game is still a big deal. USC is one of college football's traditional powers and it will be a true early test for our team and new staff. We already know the game will be on the Pac 12 Network, but we won't know the official start time until two weeks before the game. But looking at the schedule, I think we can start to guess when the game will kickoff.

Based on the announced start times for the weekend before our game, the Pac 12 Network will slot games for 11 AM PT, 2 PM PT, 5 PM PT, 8 PM PT. In general, TV people will always put their best TV draw in their primetime slot. Is BC vs USC the best game on our weekend? You be the judge:

Pac 12 Network Games for September 14
UT-San Antonio vs Arizona
Southern Utah vs Washington State
Fresno State vs Colorado (already scheduled for the 11 AM game)

If you were a TV programmer, which game would you put in prime time? The only other game that might justify the evening slot is Fresno State and Colorado, but that has already been assigned the 11 AM kickoff.

That leaves 2 PM, 5 PM and 8 PM for the other games. USC on its own would usually merit the late kickoff. Add in another BCS program and it is almost a sure thing.

Now USC and the Pac 12 could be considerate hosts and not force BC to play a game at the equivalent of 11 PM our time. An earlier game might also generate a better audience on the East Coast...if anyone actually had access to the Network. BC will probably make a plea to play early for travel reasons too. In the end, I don't think it will matter. I think we are destined for the late, late start and Eagles fans being forced to keep their local sports bars open late.

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JBQ said...

Before they get there, there are two other games on the schedule. Villanova will be no cakewalk. Wake Forest at home is no joke. Let's worry about USC after the Friday night game against Wake. The biggest problem against USC is the big white horse with the Trojan. USC is vulnerable. However, BC has to have a head of steam from the opening two games. If they don't, then the white horse on the sideline will not be just a nightmare for Ara Parseghian. In 1964, Huarte to Snow was derailed by shoddy refereeing. After all, "they shoot horses don't they?