Sunday, December 15, 2013

Addazio flips Hillman from Rutgers to BC

After a relatively slow fall, BC is making recruiting news again. New Jersey Running Back Jonathan Hillman announced that he will attend BC. Previously Hillman verballed to Rutgers. The coaching staff shakeup there combined with BC's strong season and Andre Williams success, made the decision much easier for Hillman.

Addazio now has a loaded backfield coming on campus. Plus he's got Willis and Rouse returning. I doubt any of them approach Andre Williams' numbers next year, but as a group they might run more. We will also be a little more versatile and some of these guys can catch balls out of the backfield too.

I think BC still has a chance to flip a few more high-profile recruits. It should be an interesting recruiting season.


CT said...

Hillman looks big and fast. Nice combo. Looks like everybody offered him, even the big boys.

Scott said...

First time in 20 years BC has capitalized on a BC senior having an All-American year, by recruiting a stable of talented that want to be in the same same system. For many untimely reasons, BC failed to recruit a blue chip on the heels of great years from Foley, Will Green, Kiwi & Matt Ryan. But thus year we have 3 very good guys that fit the new direction. Congrats.

Knucklehead said...

I can envision Myles Willis playing more of a receiving role going forward similar to Danny Woodhead/Shane Vereen.

Right now our receiving group is untested and Willis could boost our productivity in that area.

In terms of next season, I am looking forward to Steven Daniels developing into an All-ACC linebacker and Sean Duggan getting back on the field at linebacker.

The offensive line has developed into a top 10 line on account of Matt Patchan(and Steve A.'s coaches). We need the returning players to maintain their confidence next season without Patchan and with a presumably freshman QB.

Hoib said...

Nice to see. There are allot of good ballplayers in N.J. Let's hope this is the start of a pipeline to there. So much for the new R.U. In the big 10.

EL MIZ said...

so awesome to see Addazio capitalizing on Andre's Heisman-worthy performance this season to bring in some real talent in the backfield.


Sherm Alston:

Marcus Outlow:

Richard Wilson:

WOW. what a group.

next year we'll have:
SR: Kimble
SO: Willis, Rouse
FR: Outlow, Hilliman, Alston, Wilson

with that depth, we can really start building for the future and redshirt 2 of the 5 lower classmen.

can't wait to see if we can flip any other recruits in the coming months. GO BC

Erik said...

Knucklehead, don't forgetthe return of Swigert, who was better than Amidon in the earl years.

EL MIZ said...

good point Erik. Swigert plus freshman Thad Smith (also looks like a playmaker) should give us some options at WR. hopefully others (another FR from FL, Gabe McClary, coming in; Troy Flutie; anyone currently on the team) emerge as well.

Rutgers is clearly in turmoil (had fired some coaches, are losing commits) - i wonder if we can flip anyone else currently committed there. the following all have BC offers still and address areas of need: (Alston's HS teammate)

dixieagle said...

This is terrific news. Nothing makes me happier than someone with an offer from 'Bama choosing BC.

Bravesbill said...

Meanwhile, BC leads the Philadelphia College of Textiles by only 2 points with 10 minutes remaining in the game. Donahue needs to be fired today.

EL MIZ said...

BC shoots 8 of 22 (36%) from 3 and turned it over 14 times against freaking PHILADELPHIA UNIVERSITY! LOL. the ACC season is gonna be brutal; i am doubtful we get to 10 wins.

eagleboston said...

Yeah, and BC transfer Jordan Daniels scored 18 points in his debut with Drake last night.

In Bates we trust. I would bet he could bring in a great coach for BC basketball.

Knucklehead said...

Swigert is damaged goods as are Crimmins and Jackson.

JBQ said...

What's the story on the injured Mehdi? At 6 ft 5, it would be nice to see him back on defense. It must be noted that the TE from "Convict U" and nephew of Jack Nicholson "blindsided" him with a helmet to helmet hit. I thought that O'Leary killed him.

Legal Eagle said...

I think his last name is actually HIlliman. Hopefully its a name we all know well soon.

Big Jack Krack said...

Also, what about Miller and will we see Ramsey in Shreveport?

We need all hands on deck on the Defensive Line.

Go BC - beat Arizona.