Friday, December 20, 2013

BC-Notre Dame at Fenway is official!

It is happening! The new news is this would now supposedly be a Notre Dame home game. That is good in that it means BC won't give up a game at Alumni. The downside is that tickets will be split or Notre Dame fans will have a priority. As an Irish game it will also be on NBC instead of the ESPN/ABC family.

There will be plenty of issues ahead and complaints, but this should be a fun event. Mark your calendar and get on the ticket waiting list now!


mod34b said...

Well since this does not nix a BC home game, but adds an "away" game in Boston, i guess it is a good thing.

why would ND give up revenue from a sold out home game to play in Boston at a much smaller stadium? Same TV revenue, but smaller gate.

what is the advantage ND is seeking here?

hsk said...

Stupidest agreement ever. Another stunt by ND to show they are more relevant in Beantown than BC. Wal-Marts all across MASS. will stock up on their ND gear. Athletics blew this one. If they were going this route they should have moved it to NYC. So much for our "friends" at Fenway.

hsk said...
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JD BC90 said...

I had heard the rumors of this game being played in Dublin as early as this past Summer. More than rumor actually as it was explained to me that ND's plan was/is to renovate their stadium again so that they would have to relocate their 2015 home games (including this BC game). So that is why ND would agree to this. I am happy for the Fenway Park football experience and the national attention, but am disappointed at the Dublin game falling through. I hope there are still plans in the works for a BC game in Dublin. I think that's very important. Was at BC/Army in '88 as a student. Amazingly great time

Hoib said...


The advantage is they get what they want. Our Lady of Special Deals always does.
The omly good thing for us will be when we beat their A**!

diabetic tackle said...

nothing like a Notre Dame game to re-start collective BC low self esteem group therapy

Tim said...

The whole non-baseball event at Fenway thing has been done to death. Hockey, concerts, soccer, football. Enough already. Fenway is not that special.

Big Jack Krack said...

This is a curious move - Fenway is not good for football. The Fenway Sports Group did a bang up job for us on this one.

Foxboro was not available?

Of course Our Lady's being what they are, I'm sure grandstands will be erected along the Green Monster.

How many tickets will BC be allotted as the away team? We'll probably get screwed.

Go BC - beat ND.

Legal Eagle said...

Let's have a little faith in Bates and the rest of the higher ups. I am sure there is more to it than we know.
To me, it sounds like a great opportunity to have a nationally televised game in a unique venue.
Plus, its got to be good for recruiting. We were on the front page of ESPN today.

Joe Gravellese said...

We got two games against Notre Dame in Boston over three years and some people are complaining. BC fans will complain about anything.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

ND's angle: Bob Costas told NBC Sports he would work for free next season.

Seriously though, CONCESSIONS. Beer prices will be $10 a pop. Shit will be on that night. Saving my liver up for it starting . . . GULP . . . NOW.

CT said...

This is cute.

I'm ambivalent.

CT said...
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AlbanyEagle said...

I agree with hsk. So tired of ND and their stupid special arrangements. I'm OK with playing at Fenway in principle, but not as a just another stop on the ND/NBC national barnstorming tour.

Top headline on Yahoo Sports: "Notre Dame to Play in Fenway Park in 2015". Yay Irish.

What is the advantage ND is seeking?
With the allotment of tickets they'll have, they'll sell out to all the local "Irish fans" and BC haters, giving the appearance on NBC (true or untrue) that they are more relevant in Beantown than BC. They want an in-your-face, right in your own backyard, "FU" to BC, while catching the attention of what will likely be a greater pool of regional recruitable talent.

On the flip side, all we have to do is win, and all those benefits are ours. Let's do this. GO EAGLES!!

NEDofSavinHill said...

ND at Fenway is a plus for BC. How did Kraft and Foxboro miss out on this? Having a facility in downtown Boston may have been more attractive to the ND alums. NBC can hype up the contest as an event even if the teams aren't compelling. The ACC will win seven bowls. FSU, Clemson, VT, BC, UNC, Maryland and either Pitt or Miami. Merry Christmas.

Bottyeagle said...

I am stunned people are so negative towards this. You get to move an away game to a historic stadium in your home city and it will be in prime time on national television. What is the negative?

Additionally, ND already plays 6 home games every year. This is an additional game that helps them further the ND brand, play in big cities, get on primetime national tv, and the tickets will be a premium price point.

this is a no brainer

Hoib said...

I guess they want to do it for recruiting. I can't understand why you'd want to go out to that cow pasture when u could be in the Hub of the universe.

EL MIZ said...

i agree that the negative comments to this are sort of bizarre. great exposure for the program, and an extra home game.

the reality of tickets these days is most are bought and sold on the secondary market. who cares about ND's allotment versus BC's - if you want to go to the game, you can go on stubhub and get a ticket. i surely will do that, as will many BC fans i know. if fans want to show up and make this a home game, all you have to do is pony up and buy a ticket.

can't wait for the DUDES to whoop these ND posers on national TV! GO EAGLES!

Big Jack Krack said...

Okay - I'm in.

I hope this gives us a chance to pin them with a loss.

I was aghast because it's not a great football venue, but otherwise I'm fine with it and it's a great publicity deal.

I'm trying to remember pictures from games played there just how the field was laid out.

Visitor's dugout to bullpen doesn't leave much room past the endzones.

I seem to remember that it might have been at the angle from home plate to center field - I may be wrong. Does anyone know?

bcdad05 said...

Went to many a Pats game at Fenway,field runs from bleachers to 3rd base dugout. Bleachers set up against the left field wall.

CT said...

For recruiting? Yeah, let's keep that awesome Mass talent in state. Give me a break.

The hub of the universe? Where is that?

CT said...

There are about 20 guys on the BC roster from Mass. How many of those contribute? About three. Yeah, let's keep it up.

The Fenway game is a gimmick. Who cares? You really think it ups BC's profile in the area? ND doesn't do it for recruiting, if they did they're stupider under Kelly than I thought. They do it because they can.

How is this better exposure than a normal NBC game for a ND home game? I'm guessing all it will do is expose Boston as an awful college football town when ND outsells us. Yes, go buy a ticket. It won't matter.

Not against it, but the whole 'this is great publicity' thing is overblown.

Walter said...

There is not a single credible negative thing about this.

To the people (with no justification) griping about how "this will make nd look better than bc in boston": could that not have happened every time they play in alumni? Is it really because tickets to bc football games are that hard to get that they've previously been kept away?

Is a whole squadron of nd fans going to descend on boston for this game b/c it's in fenway rather than our stadium?

Our fanbase (at least based on twitter/fb) is clearly excited about this. This is a good thing.

Hoib said...

The issue is why do they get to play by different rules than everyone else. Even if in this instance it might not be bad for us. I don't want to enable this. The old ball coach weighed on this recently when he was quoted as wondering why they can't be like everyone else.

Joseph said...

Like it or not there are a fw things in play here.1) It is the Fenway Sorts Group which has lots of power and skill at putting together events. 2) it is Fenway Park which means a lot to many people across the country especially just after the Red Sox Miracle year3) like it or nor , whether they deserve it or nor, ND has national pull on the purse strings. This is all about money. Not recruiting.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ rules the sports business at every level.

chinapaulo said...

The negative comments are really bizarre. I don't see any downside. My sisters live in Boston, so my wife and I will be bringing the kids out to Boston for the whole week, and we'll do Thanksgiving there.

How do I get on the waiting list for tickets?

CatabEagle said...

As I said on ATL's first post, I'm all on in this,and see no downside. The negative folks appear to be those who have a stick in their behind/Fredo complex about ND. I couldn't care less about ND, aside from every time we beat them (which has been often in my time) it makes us look better on the national stage. I see our peers as Gtown, Duke, Northwestern - not ND. The only kids that went to ND from my (catholic) high school were the "holier than thou when sober - creepy when drunk" kids.

Either way, its a fun event that's a 20 minute walk from my front door. Lets fill the Cask early, get loud, and beat those creep-shows.

Herzylax22 said...

As long as this counts as a ND home game, this is great. I'd hate to give up an on campus home game to play down the road, but this is practically an EXTRA home game for BC. If you're trying to attract the non-alumnus fan, why not have a game in a location everyone knows, one that's surrounded by bars and is used to handling large crowds?

Phil Clare said...

Mike Mayock, Doug Flutie, and Brian Kelly