Monday, December 02, 2013

Cyber Monday: Vintage BC Poster Calendar

Stuck on what to buy a BC fan for Christmas? These Classic Posters in a BC Calendar make a great gift. The page for each month is a detachable poster too. The 2014 Calendar has program covers from BC vs Holy Cross, BC vs Villanova, and BC vs Marquette (football). If you buy through any of these links, you will receive a 10% discount. [Full Disclosure: I get a referral fee.]

How to buy:
1. Go to, and use the promo code "atleagle13."


2. Just click on the link below.

(A heads-up, the site doesn't calculate the 10% discount until the very end, so don't worry when you don't see the discount when you put the calendar in your shopping cart.)
This offer is good now until February 1, 2013.


blist said...

These calendars are great - I get them every year. Thanks for hte link ATL

Sal said...

Got one of these two years ago. They're great gifts -- I framed a few of the images too. They make for a nice, classier BC decoration.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

ALL ACC team announced.

Did the SU game hurt Andre? Did Freese's perfection get overlooked because of the 2 point fiasco?

Is Patchan really all that?

Find out here.


WI_Eagle said...

This is my way too early depth chart for next year. For simplicity I'm assuming no true freshmen get on the two-deep, everyone who is eligible comes back, etc. For QB I have no clue.

DL B. Mihalik M. Moore
DL M. Abdesmad D. Appiah
DL C. Wujciak N. Lifka
DL K. Kavalec T. Gutapfe
LB S. Daniels M. Little
LB J. Keyes T. Joy
LB S. Duggan M. Strizak
CB M. Asprilla A. Louis-J
CB B. Jones C. Jones
S S. Sylvia J. Simmons
S D. Williams M. Milano

HB M. Willis T. Rouse
FB B. Wolford
TE C. Parsons J. Darmst
WR S. Evans D. Dudeck
WR D. Crimmins B. Miller
WR H. Jackson B. Swigert
OT S. Betancourt D. Bowen
OT J. Cashman D. Lembke
OG B. Vardaro P. Gaughan
OG H. Williams A. Kramer
C A. Gallick F. Taylor

Walter said...

A bit telling, I think, that Freese is first team ACC but was left out of the national kicking award in favor of the FSU kid.

EL MIZ said...

good post WI Eagle. interesting to take a look at who we'll have next year.

I believe Kimble will be back at RB; Addazio said about halfway through the season that the plan was to give him a medical redshirt.

what ever happened to Win Homer? he was a higher rated recruit in 2011 but i literally haven't heard his name since he got to campus. also from that class, TE Mike Giacone from NJ, had some good offers. i wonder if we'll fit him in anywhere.

can we assume Alex Howell will take over either at K or P? he was recruited as a K but listed as a P.

regarding freshman, i have to assume some will come in and play right away. my guesses would be Wade (QB), Landry (DE), and Stratchan (LB).

if Wade doesn't start at QB, i'd have to guess it'd be Bordner. he should be back. maybe one of the freshman (Lowrie or Walsh) really improved this year. i have high hopes for Wade.

excited for the new influx of talent.

Big Jack Krack said...

I think Homer may have had a concussion problem, but I'm not sure.

If Swigert comes back, he will be a very welcome addition.

I hope Abdesmad recovers well and can come back strong as ever. I also hope Moore is available and stronger. He's got great size.

Is Montgomery coming along? He's got great size in the middle.

We need the depth, and I think our Dline played pretty well (considering their minutes played) after Abdesmad and Ramsey and Borcich went out.

But with more depth we can only improve.

I never heard how badly Miller was hurt, and I wish him the best. Obviously hope he's available as well.

In terms of wide receivers, let's not forget Grant, JKZ, and Barksdale - they could beat out Dudek - nothing against Dudek.

Big Jack Krack said...

Plus Callinan at WR - he might be pretty good next year as well.