Friday, December 06, 2013

Tweets of the Week

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NEDofSavinHill said...

Saturday is the 72nd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. All Americans should remember the sacrifice of those in the military. If one is in the Boston area the WW2 Memorial in South Boston is worth visiting. There are 220 names of the young men who lost their lives during that conflict. Among those are nine named McDonough. Will McDonough the late sports writer at the Boston Globe ( the last capable scribe they had) was from that neighborhood. It is unknown whether he was related to any of those families. McDonough wrote over twenty years ago that you can't have a good football team without a good o-line. If there is one accomplishment of Daz and his staff that stands out it is the improvement in the o-line play. They doubled last years rushing output. In their last nine games they average 32 points a contest. Two touchdowns better than the prior year. Laments about Day et al ring hollow. 2. The SEC title game features the two best running attacks in that conference. Seattle has the best record in the NFL with a largely run oriented approach. BC is on to something. Keep it going. 3. Is the Winston assault case closed? Remember the local police and prosecutors refused to charge Zimmerman. It was the State AG who stepped in and brought the complaints. After the season is over expect someone to take a 2nd look. In this type of sexual assault you need a sex act which the DNA proves occurred. In assessing credibility one would look to the timeliness of the accusation ( fresh complaint) which happened the same day. Identity is not an issue and the act took place thus the only issue is consent. What is the motive for the female student to falsely accuse Winston? She didn't even know who he was until later. Unless she is a crackpot like Tawana Brawley, Chrystal Magnum ( Duke Lacrosse)or Marybeth Lenane her claim seems credible. There is more than ample probable cause for a charge. Is the fix in?