Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Steve Addazio: TV Star

As I tweeted Monday night, I loved the "Film Room" aspect of ESPN's BCS Megacast. For those who didn't watch, Film Room was a mix of coaches and analysts watching and commenting on the National Championship Game live. Addazio, Kevin Sumlin and Paul Chryst were the coaches selected for the broadcast. Aside from the Xs & Os aspect of the game, what I liked most was getting to see Addazio in a natural setting. Obviously he's a smart guy and knows he's on TV, but it is hard to keep up your guard over four hours. You could see he's got a very good feel for the game and his "rah rah" attitude is not a front. Addazio popped up after good tackles and was quick to point out blocking assignments. BC fans would also be glad to know that anytime they surveyed the coaches to discuss strategy, Addazio -- more often than not -- suggested an aggressive approach.

The format earned rave reviews (The Big Lead | Smart Football). Sumlin was a natural, but I could also see Addazio on TV after his coaching days are over. It certainly plays to his strengths.

While this is a great tool for BC and Addazio to raise his profile among recruits, I also think it helps with BC fans. Aside from the occasional interview and an occasional booster/donor event, we rarely get to see the coach in a relaxed open setting. I know personally the more he does this, the more impressed I am with Addazio. Despite the tags on him from prior jobs, the guy really is a good Xs & Os coach. If you didn't think so after this season, all you have to do is watch him watch football to confirm it.


ORDEagle said...

I agree. Other than the way the video was displayed (probably should have gone to the full screen on every play) it was really an interesting way to watch the game. These guys broke things down in a very technical and interesting manner. Way better than the vapid play by play of Brent. Herbie is good, but definitely sticks to the basics as I guess he has to. Sumlin and Addazio came off very well. Chryst was wrong for the job. Spielman kept trying to draw him out but with no luck at all.

Would love to see this format again with other games including the pro's.

JBQ said...

This was a coup for BC. BC under Brad Bates just has to do better than "Flip" in marketing the program and the university. The highest profile BC grad right now is Chris O'Donnell. His ads for BC shown at half time of games with other prominent grads speaks highly of him. With John Belushi, BC is on a "mission from God" and has to act accordingly. The Ed O'Bannon suit of the NCAA is going to change the college sports landscape. Brad Bates has to have all of his cards on the table and be ready to play. Saban of Alabama has already stated that he is pushing for a super conference where the athletes are paid. He was offered 100 million by the Texans on a 10 year contract which he turned down to stay at Alabama with an extension. Now, why would he do that unless he knows something that neither you and I know but Bates better find out? BC could very easily be excluded from the "gravy train".

BCDisco said...

I'm sorry JBQ, but you're giving BCEagle74 a serious run for the money with your posts.