Thursday, January 09, 2014

UMass still interested in Brown for something and other links

According to Blauds Don Brown remains a candidate at UMass for both the Head job and as a DC if Whipple gets the job. I am suspicious of all the speculation. Why would he leave BC (and presumably take a paycut) to go back to UMass as a coordinator? He was already head coach there. Would he want to work with Whipple that much? I am also doubtful that UMass would hire Brown for their head job. As much as our defense struggled this year, I don't want to scrap Brown's system after just one season. As we saw under Spaz, revolving coordinators doesn't lead to on the field success.

Under Armour signed Notre Dame to an apparel deal. It will be interesting to see how welcoming the Irish are to Under Armour's unique designs. I know the players don't care for the shoes, but as a fan I've been generally happy with the Under Armour BC uniforms. The only thing I hated was the white stripe helmet and that seems to be going away.

Charlie Davies signed with the Revolution.

This article doesn't mention BC, but it does deal with the growing issue of college basketball transfers. This new trend could help our next coach balance his roster fairly quickly. If anything having one mega class that didn't have much attrition hurt Donahue's ability to backfill with transfers.


Knucklehead said...

I could see Dan Hurley coaching the Eagles.

Benjamin said...

Bill, where do you see our personnel issues affecting the overall effectiveness of Brown's schemes?

JBQ said...

With the World Cup in Brazil looming already in June, it is nice to hear a story about Charlie Davies. Davies was a star in the making until his tragic car crash. He has a Caribbean heritage and got along with everyone because of his BC education and roots. What is going on with the national team under Klinsmann is tragic. He is bringing in Black German-Americans with dual citizenship from Germany (at least 3) who are little more than thugs to toughen up the Americans. Jermaine Jones is the most visible. He is not developing skill which Davies had in "spades" if you pardon the pun. This strategy will backfire this summer when the U.S. plays Ghana, Portugal, and Germany. Dempsey and Donovan have skill on the national level but years are starting to add up. It is really a shame that Davies with his class and skill fell victim to an unfortunate circumstance. Davies would have been a lot more classy poster boy for the U.S. team than Jozy Altidore.

tag 249 said...

JBQ, I too loved having Charlie Davies play for the US, and I think he is sorely missed. I think you were a bit harsh on Jozy Altidore though. He's been nothing but a stand-up guy, and a positive role model. Let's not forget that it was Davies who was violating the team's curfew the night before a game when he got into that tragic car accident. Either way, the American attack has never looked as good as when Jozy and Davies were clicking up top. Davies' speed combined with Jozy's strength/build was lethal. I still remember Davies' goal in Mexico in qualifying leading up to the 2010 World Cup. The Mexican defenders got absolutely torched. The US has always had speedsters, but never with the technical ability Davies had. He would burn you, and then have the technical ability to put it past the keeper. It's a shame we'll probably never see Davies on the national team again.

We should all be pulling for former Eagle Alejandro Bedoya to represent the USA and BC at the next World Cup. He looks poised to be an impact player. He's been having a great season in France this year.

I also think you were unfair to Jurgen Klinsmann. Can't argue with his success: we skated through world cup qualifying, beat Mexico on Mexican soil for the first time ever, tied Mexico in qualifying at the Estadio Azteca, beat Italy in Italy, and beat Germany when they were ranked #2 in the world. Those "Black German-Americans" aren't all thugs. Jermaine Jones certainly is a physical player. Tim Chandler, Danny Williams, Terrence Boyd, and Fabian Johnson don't deserve such criticism. They're brought in because they're good players, though, not to intimidate the US born players. Jermaine Jones played under Bob Bradley before Klinsmann. Let's also remember these are the sons of American servicemen that were stationed in Germany. I'm sure you it wasn't your intention, but that post almost sounded xenophobic. It's actually quite an interesting story. It deserves more press than it gets.

Either way, I agree with you re: Davies. At least we still have Bedoya to root for.