Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Close doesn't count...BC loses to Florida State

As BC fouled late in Tuesday's loss to Florida State, ESPN U ran a graphic showing all of BC's close losses this year. I guess it is the newest attempt to explain away BC's hard luck. However, it is also really dishonest as to why we lose and why we lost to Florida State. BC had plenty of possessions to tie the game or even take the lead. But over and over, BC was beaten on the boards. And while we made plenty of 3s, we couldn't buy one late.

Hanlan played well and Heckmann continued his good play. Unfortunately it was Ryan Anderson's turn to go cold. Anderson just wasn't a factor in the offense for the first half. How does that happen? It is once again another example of being too complex for your own good. We were hitting 3s in the first half, so we didn't necessarily need points from Anderson, but there are benefits to getting him the ball. He draws fouls. He converts at a high percentage. Like so much else, it doesn't really matter. We lost any way.

Continued losing doesn't doesn't change much. I'm sorry Senior Night didn't have a better ending. Let's hope the final game does.


EL MIZ said...

tons of close losses last year as well. enough's enough. fire ONAHUE

CT said...

The lack of athleticism is quite remarkable.

Those two late turnovers, one by Heckmann (indecision), one by Hanlan (what the?), were critical but this team was only in it because they shot the 3 and FSU was crapping the bed with turnovers.

Kinda sad that Senior Night was scheduled with the students on Spring Break and the gym as loud as O'Neill.

The last post had a good comment from someone on candidates.

Claver2010 said...

2200 for an ACC game, no way he isn't canned in a couple of weeks.

Big Jack Krack said...

2200 is generous - it looked like less than 1000.

I agree with CT - who scheduled senior night during vacation week? Brutal.

I thought SD's full court timeout with 28 seconds left was a mistake. Of course he couldn't have foreseen Hanlan's turnover, but still it would have been easier to inbound in the half court. We should have inbounded quickly and brought the ball up across the line.

I thought the team played with more intensity and urgency, in spite of SD's micro-management.

The new coach will have a little something to work with and maybe these players will really blossom under a freer, let 'em play style coach.

We can hope anyway.