Saturday, April 05, 2014

Spring Game thoughts

We've learned over the years that Spring Games are not good indicators of the season ahead. Yet after not holding a game last year, it was nice to have the tradition back. The best part of the game for me was seeing Tyler Murphy for the first time. He seemed very comfortable and confident in the offense. He also showed nice touch. Based on his snaps and reporting, it seems like Murphy will be the starter this fall.

The Offensive Line didn't seem as crisp. Addazio attributed it to depth issues and how these types of games wear on the unit. 

The other new QB Darius Wade wasn't as sharp, but his potential was obvious. He's only listed as 6'2 but looked bigger among his teammates. He also showed his arm strength. 

As for familiar names, Myles Willis didn't miss a step. If anything, Willis also looks bigger and ready to be BC's lead back.

BC posted a photo gallery of the day and also still has a link up to the game


Fenwick 111 said...

Nice win by the BC Baseball team over #30 UNC.

JBQ said...

This year will be a rough one. Murphy may be able to bridge the gap but offensive line issues which have always been a strong suit continue to be documented. Wde could be 17 or 18 and still growing. It would appear that Willis is in that category. He better bulk up and there better be a good backup because without an o-line, the season will be long. Actually, it looks like another 2-12 season is in the offing followed by 6-4 and then the jump off year. It will take some loyal fans.

Claver2010 said...