Monday, April 28, 2014

What to make of Baseball's upswing?

Baseball swept Maryland this weekend. Following the series win over NC State, it leaves many wondering if there is light at the end of the tunnel. With winnable series against URI and Pitt approaching and players improving, getting to .500 and making the NCAA tournament are not out of reach. Both potential goals would be a welcome change for the program. We all love BC, so this is all good news.

But if the team closes strong and plays well in the ACC Tournament, does that mean we were all wrong about Gambino? I don't necessarily think so. BCI posted a fair take that is a little more optimistic than my opinion. I think that when the season ends, you judge the Coach on the totality of his time at BC and the trends. It looks like things are trending up. And if they keep at this pace, Gambino can claim that he turned the corner. But only once the season ends will we have proper perspective on this hot streak. Writing anything now about Gambino's future is premature.


Unknown said...

I think you mean the ACC tournament, not the NCAAs. Not a chance we make the NCAAs without winning the ACC

BCDisco said...

"Baseball's upswing". I see what you did there.