Thursday, May 01, 2014

Basketball recruiting roundup

The basketball coaches have been very active on the road, scouting and recruiting players. The first need is the 2014 class, but they are also building their pipeline for the 2015 and 2016 classes. Here are some of the most important names and what's going on with their respective recruiting.

California wing Elijah Stewart is a 2014 recruits and uncommitted. He's also a Top 100 player.

Supposedly Stewart will visit BC next week.

Local 2014 prospect Jared Terrell is also visiting. He had a previous relationship with Preston Murphy and is probably our best chance at an elite recruit in this first class.
As for 2014, Terrace Mann remains the centerpiece of the 2015 recruiting class.

Terance Mann remains the centerpiece of the 2015 class. Virginia Tech just offered him too.

BC is also involved with transfer Tevon Saddler.
Christian and company are also sending out their first offers for the 2017 class. It's never too early.


Big Jack Krack said...

Seems like we're much more organized, focused and intense than under Donahue.

Go BC - reel em in!

Brianne said...
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GP11 said...

This is the best part about basketball... Any program can turn around in 1-2 years. I don't think anyone was excited about the Christian hire, but if he can lock down a few top 100 guys for his first couple of classes as well as get a transfer, we should be in a good spot. At least there's hope right now. Just like when Daz took over the football team. People weren't jumping out of their seats on these message boards but at least we had a fresh face, a fresh approach, and some hope.

JBQ said...

In response to the always astute comments by BJK, Donohue the coach was "organized, focused, and intense". For some reason beyond explanation, he was not able to pass on those emotions to the players, fan base, or administration. Donohue was likeable and a very good coach. This sounds a lot like what happened to Spaziani. Both had good resumes. However, neither could do the job demanded on a high level. So far, I don't think anyone has a problem with the job being done by Brad Bates.

Unknown said...

You are totally wrong about nobody having a problem with the job Brad bates has done.