Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Batten to play 5th year at BC

Jim Christian is putting another one of his scholarships to good use, by bringing in Old Dominion transfer Dimitri Batten. Batten is eligible to play immediately.

Batten is another wing, but with Hanlan as the primary point, some of Rahon's old minutes will go to perimeter players. Batten also has a chance to earn playing time with his defense.

While we all wanted a big 2014 recruit, a fifth year is a win-win. Like football, it represents a low risk, mature player.

Now that Christian's got a 2014 recruit and a fifth year, I expect the next scholarship to go to a true transfer.


EL MIZ said...

slots into the second guard rotation with Hicks and Jackson to play alongside Hanlan. would rather have Terrell but i guess this guy will do.

still would be surprised if we hit 500 next year. when's football season?

JBQ said...

This morning, it was announced that Antoine Mason, the son of an NBA star, is graduating from Niagara and has one year of eligibility remaining. He was the number two scorer in the nation (26.7) to Doug McDermott. He too is a 6'3" guard. Niagara (6-27) is blocking his way to St. John's where his brother played. He might be a good fit for BC.