Monday, May 12, 2014

Former Eagles settling into their new teams

With ten players signing deals this past weekend, plenty of BC guys made news in their hometowns or with their new teams. Here are just a few of the articles.

As we've been saying, the Packers viewed Rettig's multiple OCs as a positive. He's knows how to learn a new offense quickly.

Nate Freese was the first kicker drafted by the Lions since 1992. Detroit is hoping he's a long-term solution.

People back in Pennsylvania were happy for Andre Williams.

Divitto hopes to make the Jets' roster.

Patchan wasn't the only Tampa native the Bucs signed as undrafted free agents.

Ian White's hometown wrote a long feature on him prior to getting drafted. The San Diego deal will be a nice post script.


Big Jack Krack said...

Congratulations BC - I think 4 and 6 = 10 is a BC record.

It is impressive anyway - for sure.

I wish all these guys the best of luck. Thanks for hanging in there and bringing us to the road back.

Brett said...

""He's been through holy hell," a personnel man for an NFC team said last month. "I want to say he had five offensive coordinators and four position coaches. That team was awful for a bunch of years.""

Right on the spot...

dixieagle said...

It would make me very happy for Chase Rettig to come into his own in the NFL.

Best of luck to all the draftees and signees. All in all, not a bad day or two for BC guys.