Sunday, May 11, 2014

NFL Draft ends with a run on BC players

No one really knew where Andre Williams was headed, but in the end if was very predictable. The Giants -- a team with a rich BC tradition -- took Williams in the Fourth Round. The Giants are changing their offense, but I don't think they are going to ask Andre to be a pass catcher. He's going to be about pounding the ball and establishing play action for Eli. I don't think Andre is a fit everywhere, so I am glad he went to a team that will use him well and be patient.

Williams got things started and then what could have been a slow day, quickly became a great day for Eagles. The Seahawks took KPL in the Fourth Round. I think that's a great fit for him as they like to use players in multiple roles, and he has the speed to play a small end but also cover TEs and RBs. The Lions drafted Freese in the Seventh Round and the 49ers used their last pick on Kaleb Ramsey. Freese should be a sure thing for Detroit. If Ramsey can stay healthy, he should also make the 49ers roster.

After the Draft ended, the undrafted guys quickly found teams. Divitto signed with the Jets, Edebali signed with the Saints, Sinkovec signed with the Ravens, White signed with the Chargers, and Rettig signed with the Packers. The Packer-Rettig situation reminded me so much of Matt Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck went through multiple coaches and coordinators and dealt with a lot of losses while at BC. But the Packers proved to be the perfect situation to become an NFL QB. Rettig has the same chance now.

The one surprise is that Matt Patchan has not signed with any team yet. Given the number of private workouts Patchan had, I think he'll catch on with some team soon, unless there is an issue we are not aware off. UPDATE: Patchan signed with Tampa.

I don't know if any of these guys will be stars, but they are all getting a chance. That's what matters.


PJeagle said...

Great comparison between Matt Hasselback and Chase Rettig. Matt was a guy who fought for playing time at BC, had great coaching and low expectations when he got to Green Bay. He benefitted from coaches who believed in him, good timing, and he was talented enough to take advantage when he got a shot to be the man at QB.
I'm hoping big time that Chase is similarly fortunate. He was a hard nosed gamer his 4 years at BC. He deserves a few career breaks. Sometimes in the NFL you have to be the right guy in the right place at the right time. Here's hoping things fall into place for Chase. Any knowledgable BC fan has to be rooting big time for #11.

eagleboston said...

BC had more players drafted than Okie State, Oklahoma, Iowa, USC, Arizona, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State and many other prominent teams.


mod34b said...

So BC had 10 NFL calibre players on it roster! Wow Imagine if that group did not have to suffer through Spaz!

I am surprised Patchan did not get drafted. He was projected at 5/6 th round.

Why ?

He was a very mobile OT for BC. -really more of a guard. Great run blocker with BC's Scheme, which is not NFL style football. . Some Draft boards say he is not an elite pass blocker. Maybe that's the problem

Second, could be some injury that dropped his value.

Also surprised Ramsey did get drafted.

Anyone know of the odds of a UDFA making the roster? I am thinking it is less than 10%, but i don't know.

Rettig - can you see him being able to make split second decisions against an NFL defense? I can't

Hoib said...

Great landing spot for KPL, I bet Pete C. Will try to make him SS. I think the Giant BC connection isn't just because of Coach Tom Coughlin, I think my classmate John Mara has something to do w/ it as well.

Andre has his work cut out for him. He has to show he can protect the ball, and be a quality blitz pick up guy. If he can't master those two things he'll never see the field under Coach Coughlin.