Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Opponent Previews for UMass and Wake Forest

Every year Paul Myerberg writes individual team previews worthy of any magazine preview. Fortunately for us, he has already started rolling them out. He posts them by his predicted ranking and starts with the worst first. The two bottom dwellers that Myerberg already posted are Wake and UMass.

Even as Grobe's Wake teams slid back to their historical norm, they still gave BC tough games. The only reason so little is expected of them this season is due to the wholesale changes made by the new staff. Myerberg predicts a season where they still struggle offensively.

UMass is a trainwreck and one of the worst teams in FBS. Mark Whipple won't change that overnight. Myerberg knows that if they are going to have a miracle season, they need to upset BC in the opener.


Big Jack Krack said...

The Man with the Red Bandana made the national news today with the dedication of the 9/11 Museum.

God bless him and his family - especially his Mom and Dad.

dixieagle said...

Well deserved praise; Welles Crowther was the ultimate BC guy.