Thursday, June 05, 2014

2014 Preview Questions: Where will the the sacks come from?

Don Brown's defensive schemes are designed to pressure QBs and generate sacks. While the whole of the unit still wasn't great, BC's defense did generate a lot of sacks last year. It was a welcome change to the bend but don't break days of old. Year 2 of Don Brown will probably bring even more pressure, however, I have no idea where it will come from.

Here were BC's sack leaders from last year:

Kasim Edebali -- 9.5 sacks
Kevin Pierre-Louis -- 6 sacks
Josh Keyes -- 3.5 sacks
Steele Divitto -- 3 sacks
Steven Daniels -- 3 sacks
Mehdi Abdesmad -- 2 sacks
Kaleb Ramsey -- 2 sacks
Brian Mihalik-- 2 sacks

It is nice to have Keyes, Daniels, Mihalik and (hopefully healthy) Abdesmad back, the two biggest sackers are gone.  Much is expected of true Freshman Harold Landry, but can he match KPL's 6 sacks? Can any of the returning guys double their efforts?

I think Brown will figure something out. I also think last season's total of 36 sacks is reachable, but to do so multiple guys will have to step up and perhaps some of the DBs will have to be involved as a new wrinkle.


Big Jack Krack said...

It's tough to make an immediate impact, but Landry could do just that.

How about Moore and Kavalec also? If Mehdi can't come back at 100%, we're hurting on the DL.

Mihalec needs to reach his full potential, and I hope he does. He's got the size for sure.

The interior DL is short on numbers, and Lifka and Connor W. have been converted from other positions. Truman will be very good, but he's only a sophomore.

I think the sacks come from the edges, but a healthy Abdesmad will be a huge help.

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Knucklehead said...

Keyes went Srgnt. Bergdahl the second half of last season. What was the backstory on that?

NEDofSavinHill said...

The D looked good in the spring game. They were further along than the offense. Moore and Kavalec have been in the program a couple of years and maybe ready to contribute. Landry, Strachan and a few other freshman may help too. Duggan, Keys, Strizak and Milano could all help. Asprilla and Bryce Jones played well last year. They had to face Watkins, Bryant, Benjamin, Lee and some great tight ends. Plus they were left alone in man to man too often. While the WRs they play this season will have talent they won't match what they faced last year. Brown may still run an aggressive defense but less blitzing may help the DBs and the overall defense. Over the last ten games BC averaged 31 points. If the offense can duplicate that performance and the D improves slightly a winning formula will have been attained. 2. BC was 5-1 at home last year. This year they have 8( counting UMass).If they play as well as they did in 2013 six home wins will be the minimum. Bowl eligibility can be accomplished with just the home games. Last year the Wake game was pivotal( first conf. home game). This year the Pitt game carries the same importance.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

They need to taste some success on the recruiting trail for a couple of legitimate defensive tackles. This kid from Suffield CT - Christian Wilkins - would be a great start.

Hoib said...

Didn't realize Mihalik had eligibility left. Does he have any hoops in his background? We've been so soft inside I'm surprised he's never been mentioned as a possibility.