Sunday, June 08, 2014

2014 Preview Questions: Who will be our deep threat

For all of last season's innovative mix of spread and jumbo packages, the fundamentals of BC's offense were decades old. We ran the ball over and over and then used play action to connect on deep passes. I have enough confidence in the offensive line and the mix of running backs, that I think they can duplicate Andre Williams' production as a group. I have not seen Murphy play much, but his arm seems adequate enough to connect on deep passes. The big question is who will catch the deep balls?

Speed is really the key on long passes. If you cannot get separation downfield, a fast DB can catch up to the Reciever while the ball is still in the air. Amidon's deceptive speed was a perfect compliment to our passing game last year, as he blew by opponents with regularity.

The returning pass catchers lack many essential skills but especially speed. A lot is expected of converted QB Josh Bordner, but he's not going to run by ACC DBs. Harrison Jackson's health is in question. No one knows if Bobby Swigert will be 100%. Crimmins is a possession guy. Barksdale is untested. Dudeck brings a few dimensions to the O but he's not a scorcher. It is no wonder that the coaching staff is still scouring college rosters for a 5th year guy. Shakim Phillips is expected to return, but we can't count on that until he completes his UConn degree.

Of the incoming freshmen, there is potential. Nat Dixon, Gabriel McClary, Troy Flutie, and Thaddius Smith all have the chance to come in and contribute as true freshman. All they have to do is show they can run fast and still catch the ball.

After last year, I do trust Addazio and Day to do the best with what talent they have. If we don't have anyone who can catch it deep, we probably won't throw it deep very often. But before they abandon something that worked so well last year, I hope they try it once or twice with a new guy.


OSr Group said...
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Hoib said...

1 guy is not enough, you need 2. This position has always been our football teams biggest weakness on offense. We never recruit enough guys w/ this capability. The same goes for press cover guys on D, a must w/ the way we blitz. It seems Daz is going to try to work around it by sticking to a power O. I'd like to see more speed on the flanks, and suspect the problem is in admissions, but of course I don't really know that. Just speculating after having seen this recur over and over again, going back to the 70's.

mod34b said...

Two of the new WR recruits look promising: Gabe McClary and Nat Dixon. Both from FLA; both with some decent offers. (UCF, USF, UNC Ill)

Based on film, looks like McClary has got some speed, run-after-catch ability and some moves. Tall too at 6'3"

Dixon is taller -- 6'5" - and uses it to his advantage...did not seems super fast in films (hard to tell)

Right now, I am thinking McClary could be a gamer in 2014.

Big Jack Krack said...

I think this year we must distribute the ball to a variety of receivers and TEs every game to be successful, and to make it more difficult for opponents to prepare a defense for us.

I think if we always mix it up (including hitting RBs out of the backfield), we'll have more chances for long gains with several of our receivers.

Remember Rettig to Swigert for a nifty TD (50 yards + maybe) against ND when both were Freshmen?

Perhaps we don't have a dominant player who can always be counted upon to get open whenever needed, but we can score through the air with the right diversified approach.

Let's hope Bobby can be at 100% this year, and prosper the way we know he can.

I'm looking forward to how all of our receivers and TEs have developed and how our incoming Frosh might contribute.

Go BC.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm looking for Callinan to have a good year as well. Maybe he'll do what we thought Crimmins would do - get open and hold onto the ball. I think Crimmins will step up too.

But the real speed has to come from the new guys.