Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BC coaches in their 2nd Year

What do you expect from Addazio this year? In first years, fans tend to want a new coach to show improvement. They want to see healthy change as the new leader puts his stamp on the program. Years 3 and 4 are when expectations rise. A full roster of his own players and a few trips around the conference means the team should be ready to win. But Year 2 isn't as defined...for BC or any team really.

I think the general consensus among BC fans is that we'll be a borderline bowl team again. If we take a step back, it will only be because we overachieved last year and are very young. But historically Year 2 hasn't been a good barometer for any BC coach. Take a look at coaches in their second year since Holovak.

Year 1
Year 2
Holovak 3-6 4-4-1
Hefferle 3-6-1 4-6
Miller 8-2 6-3
Yukica 6-3 5-4
Chlebek 0-11 5-6
Bicknell 5-6 8-3-1
Coughlin 4-7 8-3-1
Henning 7-4-1 4-8
O'Brien 4-7 4-7
Jagodzinski 11-3 9-5
Spaziani 8-5 7-6

Over the 11 coaches there is not great pattern. You want to read into Coughlin's four win improvement, but how can you when Chlebek improved by five wins? Henning fell apart, but Spaz held things together. Jags' record declined but I know many of us felt his second year was a more impressive coaching job.

I think and want Addazio to do well this season. But I don't think we can read too much into our final record. The key for me will be how we compete and how the players he recruited start to develop.


eagleboston said...

I predict a slide back this year. The junior and senior classes were recruited during the worst of the Spaz era, so they may be the weakest BC classes since the early 90's. I think the last 2 classes will prove to be great, but they are young and only a few will play this season. Depth is a major concern. The defense still has a lot of holes and who is the QB going to throw the ball to? Lots of questions. I would not be surprised with a 5-win season. Daz is the right guy and has a vision and a plan for this program. This season may be rough (I really, really hope I'm wrong), but hang in there. '15 and '16 should be bowl teams.

Big Jack Krack said...

I have an idea - let's go forward to 8 and 4 plus the bowl.

Coughlin did it; Bicknell did it.

Let's go BC. Let's go HC Addazio and staff.

We can do it. We can win all toss up/close games.

Hoib said...

Allot will have to do w/ how good the teams we play will be. I don't think it's coincidence that our strong start in the early years in the ACC coincided w/ a downturn for many of the traditionally strong teams. Fla. ST, etc.