Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Does David Blatt open or close doors for Tyrese Rice?

David Blatt recently made history when we was hired directly from the Euroleague to coach the Cavaliers with no prior NBA experience. The longtime international coach is coming off a Euroleague Championship when his club, Maccabi Tel Aviv, capped off a surprise run in May. The MVP of that team: Tyrese Rice.

Since leaving BC, Rice has bounced around Europe. He's shown flashes of his potential but never took over a team for an extended time until this year. But now that he's proven himself at the second highest level, it might make sense to come back to the U.S. and give the NBA one more try. Still a great shooter, Rice could be an instant offense guy on the right team. Blatt knows what he can do. It would seem natural to bring along his best player to add depth to the Cavs. But Rice and Blatt had issues in the beginning of the season. There's also the issue of Rice's money. At this point he's established in Europe. He will play the whole season. I have no idea if any NBA team would give him a guaranteed contract (beyond the usual 10-day for guys who have bounced around).

I always root for BC guys and still think Rice has been overlooked. Sure he is a defensive liability, but he can score. Bringing Blatt over is proof that the NBA is watching. If his old coach doesn't want to bring him, maybe another NBA team will.


Big Jack Krack said...

I'll never forget his true freshman performance in the Dean-Dome, against UNC.

Especially his long 3-pointer at the buzzer to end the first half - convincing both the Tar Heel players and fans that they had (almost) no chance to win that game. As if Smith, Dudley and Marshall, etc. weren't enough trouble, along comes this kid!

BJK was there at mid-court, dancing in the aisle with his maroon sweater vest in a sea of 22,000 blue-clad fans.

Priceless. Bring back those days, BC.

Hoib said...


As usual u are right on. Hanlan could learn allot about clutch shooting from Tyrese. Would love to see him in the NBA.