Sunday, June 01, 2014

Meter previews the ACC and other links

Meter joined Campus Insider to preview the ACC Football season. Meter likes UNC and expect Willis to pick up the slack after Andre Williams.

Chase Rettig's brother Hayden is leaving LSU and rumored to be interested in BC. If he were to transfer to BC, he would have to sit one season and then have three years of eligibility remaining. I am sure other schools will pop up on his list, but you have to like BC's chances given our thing depth chart and his familiarity with Addazio.

Jim Christian will work with Coaches vs Cancer to host a charity 5k this fall. If you are interested in running, go to BC's site for more information.


mod34b said...


BC must get a better radio announcer than Meter.

JBQ said...

It would be nice to have another Rettig. If he was recruited by LSU, he is pretty good. If he makes it to BC, you can thank BJK. When the team went to USC, he was out there making hamburgers with the Chase family. Actually, it is a well known axiom in the college recruiting business that you don't recruit the kid or even the dad. You recruit the mother.

Big Jack Krack said...

JBQ - you crack me up. :-)

But it sure was fun meeting Chase's Mom and Dad.

They seemed to love everything about Chase's BC experience - Frank Spaziani's shortcomings notwithstanding.