Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Daz gets his second QB

BC talked to a variety of QBs this recruiting season, hoping to find the right second QB. With the commitment of Florida QB Jeff Smith, it looks like Addazio has found his final QB for this cycle.

Smith camped at BC, so the staff is familiar with his abilities. He's also has the size and speed to play another position if he cannot get on the field as a QB. Even if the staff expects Smith to switch positions, I still don't think they will take another QB. They have so many needs and a third QB is not one of them. With just a handful of scholarships left, it will be interesting to see what Addazio does next. We need some big bodies for the OL/DL area and could use another skill player.


OSr Group said...

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Hoib said...

If the QB is going to run, you need several.

Skitch said...

Hopefully someone teaches him how to properly throw at BC if he really wants to be a QB. Absolutely no wrist snap in that picture.

Scott said...

Good call sketch. Though it's not so much that his wrist doesn't snap, it's that it's snapping in the opposite direction. Real QBs snap their wrist/palm to the outside, as if throwing a screw ball. That's how you keep the index finger on the ball as long as possible to make a tight spiral.

Obviously Jeff Smith II is athletic enough to play CB/WR. If the staff really sees him as QB, then it must be in the mold of Rich Rod option/veer QB (i.e., Denard Robinson/Pat White).

EL MIZ said...

his jr year highlights actually look like he throws a fairly nice ball:


remember when BC was the only school to offer Myles Willis as an RB; all the other schools including Bill O'Brien at Penn State offered as a DB. how'd that work out?

also, the previous Jeff Smith at BC was an absolute burner on the turf, probably one of the fastest to ever play on the Heights. i believe concussions cut his career short. he was also an absolutely lethal player in the NCAA game on playstation (99 speed and acceleration); remember torching roommates in Fenwick and Williams using him almost exclusively. good times indeed.