Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Depth Chart for UMass

BC released the official Depth Chart for the UMass game. Nothing really surprised as most of these names had been floating around the various message boards for days.

The mild surprise based on last season is Duggan starting over Daniels. But it was rumored through the summer that Duggan was playing very well. I am sure both will see plenty of action. Once you see it on paper, you realize how big our starting WRs are. I imagine they will be blocking often.

What is not listed who else will get on the field when we go with Jumbo packages. Last year Betancourt was usually the first one off the bench.

The final thought that hit me as I looked at the page, was how much of the team is already Addazio's. We clearly pay attention to the attrition and turnover, but seeing the roster really hits it home.


mod34b said...

Good Apple!

We have player who is a good apple! Wonder if that's like being a "good egg"

NEDofSavinHill said...

Daz has said he doesn't know what UMass will throw at them defensively. He should take out the tapes of USC,UNC and Ariz. contests. Those defenses limited BC to 12 points per game. They put 8 in the box and said beat us with your passing game. Rettig couldn't deliver. If BC had scored 12 points in every game they would have gone 1-12. Expect them to crowd the line. 2. Look at the DL,OL and Linebackers. Many proven veterans with good size. They could run the table at home, beat NCST and Wake and get to 10 at least. Six is way too low. Happy Labor DAy.

knucklehead said...

Sylva is not great but we had some trouble defensively last season after he got hurt against UNC. It is interesting that he is not starting this season.

Legal Eagle said...

Seems like we expected more of an instant impact out of Shakim Phillips. Why is he so low on the depth chart?

EL MIZ said...

Ned - i'm pretty sure every team we played put 8-9 in the box last year. Andre ran over most of them.

agree that it is strange seeing Phillips so far down on the depth chart; given how many people are listed at RB and WR, i would doubt the order on the chart corresponds with total snaps. i was expecting big things from Phillips this year, he needs to be the guy that stretches the field for us.

mod34b said...

I can't beleive Bordner is our starting WR. Guy is super, super slow -- above a 5.0 in the 40 (this is like making Emmitt Cleary a WR).

Are we really taking a back-up QB and making him a blocker? Guy has played QB in college and HS, does he really have the skills and stones to block an ACC LB or DE? I highly doubt that.

Charlie Callinan (R-Fr) appears to have some decent speed - 4.5. I have seen Tyler Murphy mention him too. Hope he is the breakout WR we need.

It is going to be a weird offense that alternates between the BC "heavy" package (everybody on the line) and the new T. Murphy "spread". This may confuse the heck out of our opponents.

The "D" is a huge question mark. We were worst in the ACC last year. This year we must hope our experience in getting the stuffing knocked out of the D will pay off with better, smarter play.