Friday, December 05, 2014

BC wins the White Out

Forget about the win for a minute, but that is more like how a BC game should feel. There was energy on the court and in the stands. Even if some of it was Providence fans, at least there was noise and emotion. The game wasn't sold out, but showed that an early, out of conference game can still be interesting. The actual game was good too. The first half was close. In the second half BC pulled away and held onto the lead in the final minutes. It is too early to call anything a signature win, but I think this showed that Christian and his new players are making a difference. Last year's team rarely showed this much intensity or focus. Other thoughts:

-- Defensive rebounding! I can't remember the last time we rebounded that well on D. We also turned some of those defensive rebounds into quick uptempo possessions. It was nice to see.
-- Batten opening up the offense. He freed up Hanlan and certainly helped defensively. I don't mind going small with him out there. He seems to also have a toughness and competitiveness the team has lacked for years.
-- Magarity's maturity. He's getting better nearly every game. He can now play defense like a real center.


ccw said...

Don't know what you see with Magarity. He is a liability. Looks lost on rotations and turns it over too much on offense.

Hoib said...

look at the box score from last years PC game. We were completely dominated on the boards, which continued for the rest of the season. Good to see xtian has made it a focus for this year.

dmyankees said...

Hoib - exactly! When was the last time you remember BC being +14 in rebounds?

Matt said...

ccw, Magarity played some great minutes. Some tough rebounds, two great passes from the high post resulting in easy hoops, excellent effort diving for a loose ball near the BC bench. I agree with ATL, improving each week in my opinion.