Sunday, December 07, 2014

The lowdown on the Pinstripe Bowl

Facing Penn State in the Pinstripe Bowl is about the best way we could have ended a 7-5 season in Year 2. The bowl lacks history, warm weather or even a great date, but it provides a few important opportunities for BC.

1. The game is very winnable. Penn State's best win was against Rutgers. Good showings against Ohio State and Maryland were negated by terrible games against bad Illinois and Michigan teams. There offense is far from explosive. The only reason to fear them is their run defense. Statistically it is the best in the nation, making this a strength vs. strength matchup. But I still think we are the better team.

2. It is against against a traditional power. This is a hobbled six-win team dealing with a depleted roster. The Penn State brand has also been soiled by the Sandusky scandal. However, the record books won't care. The media won't care. I doubt even recruits care that much. What will matter is beating a Big Ten team. It will matter that we beat Penn State.

3. The game is close to our fans and recruiting base. The Tri-State area is home to BC's second largest alumni base. We could sell out our ticket allotment alone just through fans that live in the area. If you plan on going to the game, please buy your tickets from BC! It will make all the difference in improving our travel reputation. We are also still recruiting New Jersey and New York players for the 2015 and 2016 classes. Being in the area for the week raises awareness and creates more opportunities to visit with players.

We need to win this game. The difference in perception between eight and seven wins is huge. It would also be a nice conclusion to a surprising second year. While I will keep hoping for a big bowl, this is better than most circumstances.


mod34b said...

Yay. Glad we got this northern bowl. Southern bowls don't seem to dig BC. Can u say Chik-fil-A!

The PSU fan base is gigantic. Wonder if this might be a sell out. hope so. Great that the game is on a Saturday afternoon. Should enhance the turnout.

Seems winnable. But PSU has got that magic.....will be the usual BC nail-biter game. never easy

On the OMG front, poor UNC was sent to Detroit to play that's awful. glad we avoided that fate

NCSU playing the Bitcoin Bowl against UCF ... not a good one for NCSU

Hoib said...

In Joe Pa's hay day they would play us every year, crush us, and get every significant Jersey recruit. Jersey is still a hot bed of high school ball, and a very fertile recruiting ground. Here's a chance to show PSU whose boss in the N.E. Now.

Hoib said...

Looks like we were treated much better under the new ACC bowl tie in system than the prior. In addition to what Mod pointed out, Pitt didn't even get into an ACC bowl. In the past that would have been us.

BCFBfan said...

Really excited about this bowl game. Think it's a great bowl for the development of the program. Congrats to Coach Addazio, the staff and most importantly the players. Beating PSU would be a great way to end this season and send off the seniors.

bceagle91 said...

Does anyone know how many tickets BC has to buy for the game? We obviously have a lot of alumni in the area and a lot people take the week between Christmas and New Year's off so you'd think we could sell a lot of tickets.

Hoib said...


The email from the school makes it seem as if their allotment will go fast. Might just be an attempt to create a sense of urgency. The tickets aren't cheap.

AlbanyEagle said...

Tickets seem to be moving pretty quickly on Ticketmaster

Adidaspete said...

I'm not a season ticket holder (work on Saturdays so wasn't feasible for me) but called up the ticket office and the rep said he is pretty sure there will be excess from the allotment available towards the end of the week and took my info to call me.

Hopefully they don't go through them and I'm left out in the literal and figurative cold trying to get them next week on ticketmaster

NEDofSavinHill said...

There is a solution to the gross dishonesty displayed by the CFP committee. Abolish it. Baylor's Briles is right. Have the five conference commissioners meet and select the top six teams for the playoffs. An automatic bid goes to the Power Five champs. The Commissioners pick the sixth best team. Either a Power Five or outside that group. Numbers one and two are placed in the New Years Day semi final. Teams three and four host five and six on December 20. The winners play one and two. 2. The Big 12 would have to add two teams and play a championship game to match the other conferences. The ACC should demonstrate their kindness and generosity by giving the Big 12 Pitt and Syracuse. After all those two were forced on the ACC by ESPN and arranged, shotgun marriages don't usually work. The new Congress could facilitate this. They don't owe ABC, CBS or NBC anything. 3. Congress should enact legislation that limits media contracts with Colleges and college conferences to four years duration, retroactive to 1-1-13. Anyone longer than that would be considered anti competitive and in violation of anti trust laws. It would be a restraint of trade subject to triple damages. This would allow all conferences to get fair market value for their product and prevent the tv networks from shafting them.

Hoib said...


I'm sure the Big 12 will have a conference title and at least 2 new teams soon, maybe the Irish being one of them. We've already learned in year 1 that you need a conference title game to make the final 4. I'd like to see it go to 16, w/ the power 5 title games being part of the first round, and then add 6 at large teams to play 3 games the week after the conference title games. Then u would have 8 to play the final 3 rounds over the first 3 w/es of the new year.

Bravesbill said...

Yes Ned, we need even more regulation from Congress. I do like the 6 team playoff idea.