Sunday, December 21, 2014

Trojans too much for BC Hoops

BC took a week off for exams. The rust and lack of intensity from the break was obvious as the team lost at home to USC. The game was close throughout and BC fouled in the final seconds in an attempt to close the gap, but USC didn't make enough mistakes to let BC steal it. The loss was disappointing as this was a chance to pick up a good non-conference win. And BC should have won. We've seen them play better, but the this game was sloppy and the defense was bad. Here are some other thoughts:

-- We couldn't buy a shot. Good looks weren't falling. Hanlan missed from everywhere. Batten was ineffective. If not for Heckmann's stats, things would have been much worse.
-- Bad interior defense. None of the defense was that good, but it was worse close to the basket. I don't expect our bigs to become good defenders overnight, but they need to be better than they were Sunday.
-- The refs were terrible. That ruined our flow and our rotations.

This felt like last year's team. I hope we are not that sluggish after Christmas. 


Napolean Bonaparte said...

And the woman's team loses to Hofstra? The woman's coach has to go - he cannot recruit ACC athletes. Recognize you have a problem Mr. Bates - and fix it. BC basketball is horrendous. The USC game was depressing to watch. No interior game - no interior defense - standing around - no energy or team cohesion - no leadership - robotic and dull.


One thing looking to the future, Hanlan is not an NBA draft pick. WHy do we keep hearing that he is