Thursday, December 04, 2014

Will special t-shirts be enough to fill Conte?

Conte Forum has been a Ghost Town for basketball games for 5+ years. Different things have been tried and nothing has really stuck. Winning would be a big boost, but how do you overcome apathy as the team tries to rebuild? The latest gimmick is a limited-edition white SuperFan t-shirt. Now I love the idea of a special SuperFan shirt. I am too old to wear a t-shirt to a game, but I would certainly wear it at other times. Do other people care about this stuff? BC claims limited quantity of the t-shirt. Will the supposed demand get people into the build early?

Providence is a traditional hoops rival. They will bring plenty of their own fans. The history alone should bring BC fans into the game. But it won't because many casual BC fans don't care about our old rivalries. After the t-shirts are gone and the winning starts, we need to use some marketing power to make people care aobut our history with teams like Providence.


Big Ern said...

Win baby win. Gimmicks are just that gimmicks. Duke doesn't need gimmicks to sell out.

Hoib said...
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Hoib said...

Big Ern

With you all the way!

Danny Boy said...

I hate this idea. Our super fans are unique in their color. To make them special by making them white is completely misguided.

Not to mention that Providence fans generally wear white. This is like the Terps having a red-out during the Ohio State game and trying to co-opt visiting fans.

I love the idea of special shirts for games, and even special super fans. But don't make them less unique, and don't make the students pay for them.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

If the team is constantly in a rebuilding mode and routinely loses to most decent teams they play - short of free beer and naked women - I'm not sure what anyone can do until we land a couple prized recruits and become competitive in the conference. Let's hope by mid season the guys we have will gel and at least earn a measure of respect to help with recruiting.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Big Ern and Danny Boy nailed it.

1. Win.

2. BC spent 15 years building the gold Superfan shirt into a tradition. Don't mess with it.

GP11 said...

Can't be said enough...

Win Win Win Win Win Win Win Win.

Especially since the old complaints were that students have to buy tickets but are now included on the new gold passes. So students can just walk into games but still choose not to.

Unless you are a diehard basketball fan there's no reason to go Conte for all but a handful of the games unless the team is winning. College basketball is not an attractive sport. Missed jumpers, missed layups, missed free throws. Lack of true stars given the need to jump to the NBA early to preserve your stock. I think the new rules limiting the beat-em-up defensive styles will help but it will take time. BC has a history of great teams, but none in the last 8 years (weird to think, but true) so the current students were between 10 and 14 at the time.

I never missed a game I was on campus for during some lean years, but I was a rarity. And believe me, it is not fun to sit in a student section of 30 kids and the band and stare at an arena that is 25% filled at best. The only way to change it is to win and then hope the culture can change enough that students will keep coming when a new set of lean years hit.

Erik said...

The white out gimmick would be okay if it would work, but it won't. If this game gets 5,000, my projection is
1200 black PC fans
800 yellow/gold
1000 maroon
2000 random colors of normal clothes
1000 empty maroon chairs
1800 empty bench seats

Our fan Baer just doesn't do this sorta stuff especially when there isn't additional hype around a team/game. If WR were 24-1 and playing against a top 5 team it might work.

Erik said...

I forgot the 250 white shirts!

BCDisco said...

I didn't know there was an age limit on wearing t-shirts to basketball games.

eagleboston said...

Yeah, I'm 48 and I still where T-shirts to games. I figure I am old enough that I don't have to concern myself with being fashionable. I wear what is comfortable.

eagleboston said...

I meant "wear" not "where."

JBQ said...

If you go to the BC bookstore website, they have plenty of tee-shirts. All of them look appropriate to wear to a funeral. Aren't there any artists on campus? The Dutch national team jersey for the World Cup is a case in point. There are plenty of other original jerseys for other teams. Maybe BC should go the way of the Premier League in soccer. Instead of the team name on the chest, they have Emirates Airlines and such.