Friday, January 02, 2015

A few quick thoughts on New Year's Day

Florida State got hammered but it was still a good day for college football and BC. For starters the SEC lost. They will always have talent and money advantages but the favoritism of the old BCS format is gone. It is no longer 12 teams playing for one spot in the final and the other 112 teams playing for the other. This postseason brought the SEC down to earth and that perception will help in future selection committee meetings. The second thing that helped BC is people already wanting eight teams in the playoff.  The closer we get to that the more likely BC gets in.

One other thought: for all our offensive ties to Oregon and Ohio State, our offense doesn't look much like either program. It will be interesting to see how we evolve when Addazio gets the type of talent he prefers.


JBQ said...

Addazio has done a fantastic job. However if gets that talent which is doubtful because of academics, he has to have the coaches to coach them. The coaching at BC is terrible. If you miss 8 extra points, you have big problems that need finding an immediate remedy.

NEDofSavinHill said...

The emperor has no clothes. The curtain has been withdrawn from the wizard. The bubble has burst. The SEC has been exposed for the fraud they are. In the early part of the season we had to listen to the constant claims of superiority, dominance and exceptionalism. An adjustment had to be made half way through the season as the SEC East faltered. We were then told that all the power in college football resided in the SEC West. We just witnessed a complete dismantling of that division. Their top five teams were 0-5 in bowl games. Those SEC West giants looked more like midgets as they surrendered 40 points per contest and about 500 yards of offense. At the start of each game the ESPN announcers were talking of SEC superiority. They noted they were faster, more athletic and more physical. Half way through they stated they didn't expect this. In the second half their tone was funereal. A British historian said that during a conflict all the information one got from the war department was hyperbole, deceit and fantasy. All the information viewers of CBS and ESPN got about the SEC was hype and fantasy.2. When ESPN was creating the SEC network they hired Professor Gruber at MIT as a consultant. They modelled the network on a Soviet five year plan copying much of the work of Madoff. A Ponzi scheme it was to be. Coach Stoops was right when he warned everyone not to buy the propaganda. Coach Johnson said at least we won't have to hear about the SEC for a week or two after his team stomped Miss. St. Finebaum and all other workers at their network are on suicide watch. Call the Samaritans. 3. In the four states the SEC competes with the ACC, Fla. Georgia, Kentucky and S. Carolina the ACC has the best team. TCU is tops in Texas not A and M. That conference is a regional power not a national one. The ACC had five top 10 non conference wins in 2014 the SEC none. The SEC never leaves Dixie, schedules cupcake non conference foes and only plays in fair weather. That explains why so many of their NFL draftees are busts. How bad was the CFP committee? Their first results had three SEC teams in the top four. Auburn, Ole Miss and Miss. St. None of those teams should be in the top twenty let alone the playoffs. The SEC was probably the weakest of the power 5 conferences. TCU should have been in the playoffs not BAMA. Senator McConnell has to act and abolish that selection committee. Is the SEC dominant ? no. Second rate? yes.

Hoib said...


That was your Magnum Opus!

dixieagle said...

...and there's likely not a player at 'Bama who has a clue as to what "magnum opus" means.

CT said...

Listen, I think this Ned guy is a typical northerner who doesn't watch football. His posts are inane. But most football posts on here are, so I don't blame him. I really don't. I look forward to 1. His insanity 2. Him watching one game in his lifetime and 3. Him competing with Eagleboston in setting the bar really really low. No offense. Really. Maybe Mod whatever can try to mediate. Sure.

But I' m actually from and live in Atlanta.

I get one week of non-SEC talk. I'm in heaven.

It is the best conference, what with seven straight National Championships and an eighth 13 seconds away...can ACC bball even say that? But, man, what a relief.

ESPN is not the problem. Whiners are.

How did our beloved conference do this year, Ned? The one year the SEC doesn't perform...enjoy the anomaly. I know I will.

Bravesbill said...

Minor correction Ned: A&M won their bowl game so the West didn't get shut out. The PAC 12 might be the class of college football now though.

eagleboston said...

I would love for BC to make an 8-team playoff, but that is probably a once-in-a-lifetime shot. Historically, the only time I can remember BC being ranked in the top 8 at the end of the season was in 1984, 31 years ago! It's possible, but we first have to find a way to win the Atlantic and then defeat the Coastal champions. Only then can we concern ourselves with a playoff.