Sunday, January 25, 2015

Christian gets first ACC win

Something had to give. BC finally had a close game go their way. BC finally stopped a late collapse. Most importantly, BC finally won an ACC game. This was Christian's first in the conference and it was well deserved. Despite the problems down the stretch and missing Clifford, I felt Christian managed the game well and made enough adjustments for BC to close out the game. Here are some other thoughts:

-- Defense keeps getting better. Georgia Tech is a terrible offense and a bad team, but BC still looked better on D. They switched well. They helped well. Magarity shot out on pick and rolls and still recovered. It gives me hope once we get more talent.
-- Hanlan's shooting. He improved from the line and made some killer 3s. Let's hope his slump is over.
-- Playing through bad spots. BC couldn't make a basket early and allowed a 7-0 run late in the second half, yet held on. Holding on and fighting through those moments are critical as Christian tries to build a program and change the attitude.


BCMike said...

Plus no BCMike attendance curse!

Hoib said...

Off topic

I see that UNC & Wake have scheduled a home & home non conference series. I think it's a good idea. We should do the same w/ Pitt & Miami.

tpsreports said...

Great turnout from the BC Atlanta Alumni club! And it bears repeating in case he's a reader...Heckmann is our second best offensive player and should continue to look for his offense as much as possible.

Big Jack Krack said...

I was at the game but didn't have the chance to participate with the Alumni Club.

A great game mostly because we won. But mainly because either team could have won right down to the final whistle and the defense was intense down the stretch.

I agree about Heckmann and I think Magarity will be a force during his last two years - especially if Clifford stays halthy and improves, etc. Surround Magarity with some quality bigs, and cut him loose.

Of course Olivier was great too.

Go BC.

Hoib said...

I'd like to see Magarity play some 4 w/ Clifford @ 5. Could be the way to go next year.

mod10aeagle said...

Great to get an ACC win, that's for sure. I especially liked seeing them pass the ball inside and getting the kick-out, open-look three. They didn't make them all, but the play was good and they made some. Magarity's back-door pass to Hanlan was a beauty, also.

One thing I don't need to see any more of is Brown driving into heavy traffic and getting stuffed. He's obviously contributing a ton, but I'd really like to see more of a playmaker's vision from him.

Big Jack Krack said...

I forgot to mention earlier that it was surprising to me that GT didn't work the ball inside more.

I think they could have found some success there, down low, but maybe our D prevented it.

It may have been the coach's decision, which would have been curious.

GO BC - a win is always great.