Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Matt Ryan love and other links

My association with BC and location leads to a lot of Matt Ryan talk. People are not overly critical, but I still hear plenty of back-handed compliments and unfair comparisons...and of course plenty on the "elite" debate. What's interesting is this 538 breakdown of QB consistency and performances since 2006 and how high Ryan rates. He's basically in a second tier with Drew Brees and behind only Brady, Rodgers and Peyton Manning. Stats don't prove everything, but I do think Ryan is better than the perception of him around Atlanta and around the country. Ryan was also added to the Pro Bowl.

Predictably BC's vote against paying players is getting some media attention. I don't think that was BC's intent with any of this.

BC has yet to release the schedule, but Maine continues to announce our football game with them.


mod34b said...

The problem with NCAA sports often can be found in the people who runs sports and those who write about sports. Often not very bright people who have a myopic view of sports and little conception of the 'real world' beyond sports.

Meisel's post is typical of this crowd:

"It might be that the school’s longtime president, Father William P. Leahy, is taking a stand of fiscal prudence. But that ship sailed a long time ago. If Boston College wants to compete in the ACC and participate in its bounty, which is the very reason that the school left the Big East behind a decade ago, than BC has to pay ACC-level bills, too. "

Sorry, Ivan Father's Lahey's Jesuit values have not changed. Unlike you, his core values do not float away of the sea of money and trends. And, Ivan no one from BC ever said they would not pay. BC simply said it was not a good idea.

Thank you once again Father Lahey.

It means something to be the only Jesuit School among the 80 (and the only one with direct ties to the Pope!)

TheFive said...

BC's vote was like the lunatic standing on the corner yelling --- who knows what his intent is; nobody can understand what he's saying; and nobody cares.

If BC's intent was not to come off cheap and small time...well, it didn't spend to long thinking about how it would come off.

Hoib said...

79 to 1. Ridiculous. Seems like we are trying to say we are a little bit pregnant. Not so different than Gene's stand against Jags, how did that turn out?Either we are in or we aren't, you can't have it both ways.

Lenny Sienko said...

Boston College has always had a tortured and strange approach to scholarships-both academic and athletic.

I still recall getting a "full scholarship", which turned out not to increase with the tuition hikes of the 60's.

BC often "steps over dollars to pick up pennies". It must have something to do with starting out considering itself a "poor relation" amongst the Ivies.

We are talking about around $1200.00 a year for the student to have in hand. $100.00 a month.

I got $5.00 a week from home, when Mom & Dad could send it; but that was 1964. Everything was a lot cheaper.

I was struck by the NCAA's munificent announcement before the NCAA Playoff Championship, that the NCAA would pay $X toward the transportation and lodging costs of players parents to come to see them play.

That's correct. The players are getting something worth a quarter million dollar$; but they never see that. Its a bookkeeping transaction. They have nothing in their pockets and many have parents who can't afford to see them play.

They are on a campus with others who have plenty from home to spend.

Sometimes BC seems to forget where we used to come from. What did we say? "His family is "lace curtain"...his is "lace curtain with a bowl of artificial fruit on the table"...or most well off..."with a bowl of real fruit."

Hoib said...


You've done a much better job of explaining what I have tried to. Good job.