Thursday, January 22, 2015

Potential OC candidates

There are a few different ways Addazio can go with this new opportunity. He can promote from within and backfill the staff opening with hundreds of names. He can hire a first-time OC (like he did when he hired Day at Temple). Or he can hire a current OC who wants to come to BC. Most of Addazio's hires at Temple and BC have either worked with him in the past or had specific ties to the region or school. I expect this hire will follow that same pattern.

I don't know who Addazio will hire, but here are a group of names that might pop up:

BC Guys
(I don't think any of these guys would be Offensive Coordinator, but I could see them all come back as staffers if Addazio promotes Fitch.)
Jason Swepson
Paul Peterson
Dan O'Brien
Matt Hasselbeck
Paul Zukauskas
Brian St. Pierre

Friends of Addazio
(I don't think either of these guys would take the job -- for very different reasons -- but I bet Addazio will reach out to them.)
Kevin Rogers
Scot Loeffler

Guys who might want to be play callers
(The biggest appeal for some guys will be the title of the job and calling plays. That is the only way I see us getting some of these guys.)
Zach Azzanni
Brian White
John Hevesy
Billy Gonzales
Derek Warehime


mod34b said...

i suspect some of Day's mediocrity was due to Dazz.

Calling plays with Dazz in charge is not going to be appealing to many P-5 assistants.

Would be great to see Dazz cede some control.

EL MIZ said...

how about Rich Gunnell at WR Coach if we promote Fitch? i think he was coaching HS in Mass this yaer. Matt Hassellbeck is interesting as well.

Kevin Rogers as in the guy who Spaz punched out at halftime? LOL, no thanks.

Loefler is semi-interesting but sort of flamed out at Auburn and the results at VA Tech this year weren't overly impressive.

Hevesy seems like the most capable candidate. would he leave the SEC? he has an OL coaching background, would that be too many OL guys (Addazio and Frye as well)?

i'd be happy if Addazio kept play-calling duties and we got a Grade A recruiter to come in. is White the most accomplished recruiter of the bunch?

mod34b said...

Arkansas has an interesting approach

"Arkansas coach Bret Bielema has dipped into the head-coaching ranks to find his offensive coordinator.
Dan Enos will direct Arkansas' offense after spending five seasons as Central Michigan's head coach.
Dan Enos, the Central Michigan head coach for the last five seasons, has joined the Hogs' staff as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach"

Cadoheny said...

Why no mention of Zach Smith from Ohio State? He worked with Daz at Florida and Temple, good recruiter, and presumably would take the promotion from WR coach to OC/play-caller, which he won't get anytime soon at OSU

@timstwrt said...

Between the "this makes Ryan Day a better BC head coach someday" reaction to his departure and now mentioning Paul Peterson as an OC candidate it's been a big week for spotlighting this blog's man crushes.