Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hanlan can't do it alone against 'Noles

We've had plenty of one-man teams before. Dana Barros was called on to do a lot while at BC. More recently Tyrese Rice needed to lead a young and mediocre BC group. But I can't think of a better player surrounded by worse talent than our current set up with Olivier Hanlan and this BC roster. Wednesday night he scored 32. The rest of the team scored 28 in BC's loss to Florida State. While the continued losing turned the season into a painful chore, I hope Hanlan keeps up his scoring barrage. It might be our only hope to steal a game or two. Other thoughts:

-- Brown in a funk. Aaron Brown continues to make terrible decisions all over the court. The forced, bad layups are obvious, but he also made mistakes on D. Someone else besides Hanlan needs to score but I don't think it is going to be Brown.
-- Weird minutes. Magarity's absence puts Christian in a bit of a jam, but I still couldn't get a handle on why we were playing the guys we played. Owens was okay...but 30+ minutes? FSU is tough matchup for us. Maybe going a bit smaller with more minutes for Batten would have made sense.
-- Defensive letdowns. Some of FSU's 3-point shooting was luck, but BC also didn't play great D. Too many open looks and too many mental errors.

In the coming weeks there will plenty of speculation on Hanlan's future. The good news for BC fans is that his options are not great. Christian is going to have to sell him hard that staying will be best for his long-term career.


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Barros didn't have much around him either. I'm going from memory, but if someone wants to check I don't think Dana's teams won many leaugue games either. Even w/ guys this good a team needs to get post up points to win consitantly. O'B didn't get many wins till Curley came along. Let's hope Christian can fing someone like big Bill soon.

I have no problem giving Owens mi nutes. He has 2 years left and needs to learn how to work w/i the offense. I'd like to see Magarity get some mi nutes at the 4 also, thinking ahead to next year when we'll have Diallo & Clifford.