Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Hockey loses Beanpot opener

Even as the team struggled early in the season, I always expected the guys to come together for the Beanpot. Boston's annual tournament is when York teams kick it into high gear. Well that won't happy this year as Northeastern knocked BC out of the Beanpot Final. It will be the first time in six years BC won't play for the championship.

BC will play Harvard in the consolation game Monday. If they make a run this year, it will be without the Beanpot title.


Goberry said...

I went out to dinner with my sister tonight (also a BC grad). When I noted that the Beanpot was on, she said "its a NESN replay, BC won". On my way home, I stopped into a bar and saw the end of the game on a replay.
I will not be taking my sister out to dinner again anytime soon.

Tim said...

BC has been beaten by some weak teams this year. Northeastern was 10-11 coming into last night's game. BC has also lost to UConn (8-12) and Maine (10-16), and tied UNH (9-15).

And we've been pounded by some better quality teams like Lowell (lost 5-2), Harvard (lost 6-3), Minnesota (lost 6-2).

Not a great year so far.

Bravesbill said...

If BC doesn't win the Hockey East tourney, it doesn't look like they'll make the tournament outside some miraculous undefeated run. They're barely ranked in the Top 20 in the polls and don't even sniff the tournament in the early projections. Those bad losses are a killer.

Tim said...

BC is currently 12th in the Pairwise Ranking, which essentially determines the 16-team NCAA tourney field. So if the season ended today, they'd be in (barely). But your point is well taken; they have little or no room for error from this point forward.

Erik said...

There is no "it" factor with this team. There is some talent and some effort, just no chemistry or confidence or something else.

Bravesbill said...

Tim--That's correct, however like in basketball, lower ranked teamsin lousy conferences will get in via automatic berths. This will push BC further down the totem pole.

Lally said...

Bill -

It's most likely that only the AHA champion will be outside of the top 16, so assume that the top 15 in PWR make it.

There's a big bunch up in the middle from around 6 to 17 or 18, so BC does need to notch some wins. Their finishing slate - Merrimack, Harvard, Lowell, VT and ND - would all be good wins for their PWR and also help push some of those teams in the middle of the pack out of the way.

I think 5 or 6 wins prior to the HE tourney would go a long way.

Walter said...

Northeastern may have been 10-11 coming in, but they started something like 0-9-0. They've been on a really hot streak and to be at .500 now after their abysmal start says a lot.

You can't give up 6-1 penalty chances and expect to win many hockey games. That the team stayed as close as they did wasn't too shabby of a result.