Monday, February 09, 2015

Who's going down?

We know all the reasons the basketball team is not winning. But I want to remain optimistic. I still think they can pull a few more games out. Olivier's getting hot. Magarity's coming back. The D is improving. The worst part of the schedule is over. Let's all drink the Kool-Aid together! I want Christian to finish strong and give us hope that there are good things to come. I ranked the remaining games in order from Most Winnable to No Way in Hell. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

1. Syracuse. Hanlan is still hot. It is at home Syracuse is checked out now that their season is over. We might break out special uniforms.

2. Miami. Almost beat them last time. It is at home. The cold might get to them a bit. They are not playing as well as they were in during the first game.

3. Wake Forest. The final game of the regular season. "Senior Day" for three starters. By this time we will have built up some confidence. We will want to play hard going into the ACC Tournament.

4. Virginia Tech. Not a good team. Also in transition. Late start so crowd will be sparse. Good matchup for BC if Hanlan gets hot.

5. Pitt. Another game BC should have won. On the road this time, but still a relatively good matchup. Should be low scoring and give BC another chance to steal a win.

6. Florida State. Another mediocre ACC team. Not a great matchup physically for BC and is also on the road.

7. Notre Dame. BC was terrible in this game yet still made it interesting. The crowd should be decent at Conte. Revenge factor. Notre Dame factor.

8. NC State. It is at home. NC State can score, but are not great defensively. They may take BC lightly.

I think we win at least three of these remaining games. We have had too many close calls not go our way. Something's got to give.


PJeagle said...

The Kool-Aid tastes good to me. I say we split the final 8 games at a minimum and maybe win 5. Beating ND at Conte will be sweet. Let's face it. It's what should happen. Going on a bit of a late season tear and doing more than just mailing it in at the ACC tournament should set the stage for a step up next year. If I feel this weary about losing fairly close games all the time, imagine how the players feel. Maybe a win here and there could be contagious. Wish the Kool Aid could turn out to be truth serum.

mod34b said...

I prefer clear, cool water


Big Jack Krack said...

Good post, PJ.

Hoib said...

I'm most interested in the effort. It has been good and I hope it continues. The coach can't create talent where it doesn't exist, but he is responsible for motivation. So far so good w/ what I've seen. He's also gotten all of Donahue's guys to play smarter. He didn't have to do that w/ Brown and Batten because they already knew how to play. So I hope we catch a break here and there so we can close out the year w/ a few more Ws. I've watched every game and been impressed w/ Christian. The one huge piece of the puzzle is can he recruit. That's what will ultimately decide his fate. Not how the last few games go.

Sal said...

"The crowd should be decent at Conte."

Not holding my breath.

JBQ said...

Speaking of corn fields, if you build it, they will come. Christian appears to be the "real deal". Now, if he can just get the horses to pull the wagon. When Digger Phelps, coach of the French School who first made a name at Fordham, left he made a dire comment. The better players are being paid and he couldn't compete in that environment. The word was that Ralph Sampson received 100K in that day and time. Will BC survive or will that "super league" arise where the players are paid "above the table".

Flexman said...

This team is 1-9 in conference. I guess it is possible they will beat VT and Wake Forest but I wouldn't bet the house on it. More likely they continue their non-winning ways and get bounced in the first round of the ACC tournament. Hope I'm wrong but I guess I am too much of a realist to think otherwise. Better luck next year.

Flexman said...

So much for your most winnable game.

Flexman said...

So much for the second most winnable game.