Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Get Addazio on TV more

Did anyone else see Jim Harbaugh on SportsCenter clips the past few days? He's been featured in ESPN's Draft Academy. It is great exposure for the coach as he returns back to college football. It is also a reminder that BC needs to get Addazio down to ESPN again this offseason. BC probably missed the window on Tebow talk, but there is always something that you could shoehorn him into. Addazio can talk Draft. He can go on about season two of the playoff and what teams have learned. I would even bet Addazio would handle himself well if ESPN needed an active coach to discuss the move to pay players.

Getting on TV is not really about Addazio improving on camera. It remains a good tool to sell the program to recruits and fans. I doubt that ESPN has anything as big as Draft Academy coming up, but Addazio doesn't need that. For this offseason it just about using ESPN to keep momentum going.


Hoib said...


How do Daz & BC influence ESPN to get on?

tpsreports said...

I have a (non BC) friend who is an on-air personality at ESPN who once said Addazio may be his "favorite coach in all of sport". I mentioned this post to him and he said "He is awesome! I'd work with him in a minute. I'm sure we'll use him as often as he is available." So hopefully whoever has the job of making Daz available for such things can do so...