Thursday, April 02, 2015

Gleaning Draft stuff from

We know Andy Gallik performed well at the NFL Combine. We know the turnout was good for BC's Pro Day. But will any of it lead to a big group of BC draftees? One of the best ways to gauge what NFL Teams are thinking is through the NFL's own website. Every year prior to the Draft the NFL loads up profiles of potential draftees. This year three Eagles are already in the system:
Being listed doesn't guarantee anything. Silberman and Mihalik are borderline late rounders by most accounts. Other BC guys might sneak into a late round too. But using the NFL's profiles as a guide, I think Gallik is the only lock to be drafted. 


Big Jack Krack said...

I wish these guys the best.

Belicheck should take a chance on Mihalik, who could get better with the proper coaching and motivation ($).

How about any others? Tyler Murphy? Dominique Williams? Manny Asprilla?

Oh Canada! :-)

I think we'll see Addazio's players get better looks from the NFL than Spaziadoozie's.

Go BC!

Unknown said...

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Stay tuned :)

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Unknown said...

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