Monday, April 13, 2015

Hanlan declares for NBA Draft

Jeff Goodman confirmed rumors that Olivier Hanlan declared for the NBA Draft. Hanlan cannot change his mind and cannot transfer. Even if he goes undrafted his college career is done. I hope he worked his way high up enough draft boards to be a first round pick. Although he was part of three frustrating seasons, I do thank Hanlan for some exciting basketball.

As for BC, without Hanlan, this team will be in bottom of the conference again. Christian will get some leeway, but this puts that much more pressure to land one final elite recruit in this class and snag a competent transfer.

I will have more on Hanlan's prospects and what Jim Christian's needs in the follow up to Draft Day and Signing Day.


GP11 said...

I hope someone has given him a promise. Guys like Hanlon have a huge variance on where they could get drafted. I have a bad feeling he'll go undrafted. That said he can still have a productive career in the D-League or in Europe and keep working to get to the NBA. Good Luck to Olivier. Hopefully this all works out for the best.

JBQ said...

These products of a poor environment need money for their families. This is a sad cycle when what is needed are well educated leaders in the minority communities. Now if he was going to Duke, he could be like the starting guard Cook who has his own home according to the NY Times.

JD said...

People cant even spell his last name right... good luck Olivier!

ATL_eagle said...

I rushed to put it up hence not catching the HanlAn vs HanlOn. Sorry.