Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Please tell me the ACC isn't championing a terrible idea

The ACC and Big XII are pushing for changes to conference championship regulations. The Big XII's angle is obvious. They want to hold a game without expanding. The ACC's interest in change remains mysterious. Here is the ominous part of this CBS article on the change:

“I think there's some belief that ACC would play three divisions, have two highest ranked play in postseason,” said Bob Bowlsby, chairman of the new NCAA Football Oversight Committee. “Really, nobody cares how you determine your champion. It should be a conference-level decision.

“But because the ACC has persisted in saying, ‘We're not sure what we'll do,' there's probably a little bit of a shadow over it. In the end, I don't think it'll be able to hold it up. We'll probably have it in place for ‘16.”

The ACC keeps saying they have no official plans to change their own format, but want future flexibility if they do want to change. The idea of a three team conference where one of the conference winners is NOT guaranteed a spot in the conference championship gamer is a terrible idea. The whole point of a division is to group teams together and let one team win the division by playing their other division foes. Then the two division winners play each other to determine a true champion. It is fair. It is objective. It is a proven model. Now, adding a subjective layer to the process takes the worst aspects of college football and forces it on the 14 teams in the ACC. Who do you think is going to get selected for the championship if two divisions are won by traditional powers and a third is not? ACC teams like BC are going to be left out.

I am not opposed to the ACC tweaking its format. If they want to revamp divisions or scrap the divisions all together, I have no problem with that. However, I think there should be clear and fair methods to get into the championship game. If there are no divisions and they select the two teams with the best record, BC fans should live with that. But anything that involves a committee is going to end badly for BC.


CT said...

I think what college football needs is actually more politics. Definitely not enough of that across the board.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Why don't they just realign the conference into divisions of two teams each? Then so many more could call themselves champions and really feel good about themselves. That would be wonderful for the kids.

BarraCuda said...

The ACC is going to champion whatever idea makes them the most money. Thinking otherwise would be foolish.

mod34b said...

i like the idea of 3 conferences, IF, BC can get out of FSU's and/or Clemson's conference.

There is a measure of objectivity in that the 2 highest ranked teams play for the ACC championship -- not perfect, but not totally subjective either.

JBQ said...

Let's take the idea of seven 2 team divisions one step further. Why not have 14 one team divisions?