Monday, May 04, 2015

ESPN still slighting BC in ACC Power Rankings

It is the offseason, but that doesn't slow down ESPN. They continue to fill up their ACC blog with power rankings. Any list or ranking is a good tool as it engages readers and helps improve search engine optimization. The latest poll ranks teams heading into 2015. Not so surprisingly, ESPN ranked BC 11 out of 14 ACC teams heading into next season.

In the power rankings, there is another team tied with BC, leaving only Wake and Cuse as lower than the Eagles. This also isn't surprising. Yet instead of explaining why BC is below so many (new QB, new OL), the recap focuses on Addazio's first two years. Adelson notes his success in beating expectations in Year 1 and Year 2. But she doesn't follow that logic and move him up in this ranking. With his track record, I would have put UVA (with London's hot seats) and Pitt (new staff) behind our Eagles. I also would have used the Power Rankings to question a traditional power. Why not put Virginia Tech low? They've been uneven the past two years. Or give Al Golden's critics fuel by moving BC ahead of the Canes. This is subjective, so ESPN should make it interesting.

In the whole scheme of things, it is good that expectations are so low this year. If BC can show just the littlest aptitude and get to a bowl, it will be viewed as a major accomplishment.


NEDofSavinHill said...

Take what the media says as standard uninformed nonsense. The gurus in the college b-ball press told us that the Big 12 was the top conference along with the Big 10. The ACC was clearly the best. Kentucky was promoted as a legendary team. They weren't. They played in a weak SEC. which distorted their record. The college hockey media was just as bad. The pairwise rankings at seasons end had eight of the top ten teams from the west. With the Friars win the title has gone to an eastern team seven of the last eight years. Six times to New England teams. Five times to Hockey East. Four times to Catholic schools. 2. BC's team will be very interesting this year. It will be young but it will be talented. While some top of the conference teams, FSU and Clemson lose a lot on defense, BC brings back much on D. Assume that the kicking game gets better, the passing attack improves and the skill of the opposing QBs diminish they could have a big year. The NFL caliber 2014 QBs of CSU, FSU, Penn. St. and USC don't have to faced this year.

JBQ said...

The "little engine that could" almost did it last season. Dumb coaching by the two coordinators cost them the fruition of that vision. It was "woulda, shoulda, coulda" instead of didda. They played close and lost in some 4 games. Addazio got them there with his emotion. They fell short because the two coordinators were not up to it. This is the albatross for Addazio. He is an ancient mariner who needs to have expertise on board with his dreams.

mod34b said...

How will Daz do?

is he better than a .500 coach?