Saturday, May 23, 2015

Latvian Meznieks commits

Jim Christian added the most interesting piece to his recruiting class yet: Ervins Meznieks. Other than some Youtube highlights (below), there is not much available on the Latvian. He's 6'6 so he's undersized to be a true front court player. He seems like the sort of risk Christian can take right now. If he matures and develops, BC gets a steal. If he doesn't then the odds are he'll be back in Europe in a year or two. Good luck to Ervins and let's see where this unique recruiting class goes next.


JBQ said...

BC has obvious constraints on recruiting just because of its mission. Latvia could use a jolt of BC.

Bando '87 said...

Haha, Coach K is shaking. Well, certainly better than a walk-on, no? The first minute or so of the video had me thinking, "I hope he's got an outside shot because there is no way in Chapel Hell, he's getting that lane to the net in ACC play." Lo and behold, looks like he's got some range too. Not sure it will play against aggressive defenses, and hands in his face, he got some open looks in the video, and buried them. Net, he looks athletic, good hops, good range, but I'm no scout, and frankly the odds are way against him panning out. Still, we need warm (preferably tall) bodies and it's good to see Coach looking everywhere for talent.

Hoib said...

It's just nice to see some new blood coming in and pretty much being finished w/ the Onahue bunch.