Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Murphy leaving is bad news for BC Basketball

Creighton hired Preston Murphy. Let that sink in for a minute. A guy who has spent most of his career in New England and was on his second stint at BC, just left for Creighton. It is hard to even call it a lateral move. Even if you spin it as Jim Christian wanting to get his whole staff on the same page or Murphy wanting to spread his wings and network, it still raises plenty of questions.

When Bates hired Christian, some of the obvious knocks against him were his reputation as a mediocre recruiter and his lack of ties to New England. He addressed those issues by opening up the checkbook to hire Scott Spinelli away from Maryland and bringing back Murphy. Murphy gained a lot of trust as one of the better assistants in the final Skinner seasons and only reinforced his reputation by performing well after he left BC. It seemed like this was a good foundation. Christian could build the program and be the Xs & Os and the two ace recruiters would bring in elite talent.

In the year since they were all hired, the plan had its moments. There have certainly been some big recruiting wins but also some frustrating losses. This incoming class is better than any BC Class in the last seven years, but it is still not among the ACC's best. There were still gripes that the assistants were bringing in recruits only Christian wasn't closing.

Christian's got a busy few weeks ahead of him. He still has to find some worthwhile transfers and has to replace Murphy with another good recruiter. If Murphy and Christian weren't on the same page, it is probably better to make the change now, but I hope for BC's sake Christian turns this into a positive. From here it sure seems like a crack in the wall.


TheGuru said...

Why would the assistants gripe about that? You act as if having a salesman with personality and charisma leads to winning. What have guys like Calipari and Calhoun ever achieved on the recruiting trail?


mod34b said...

yikes. wonder what this is all about...

As a new Big East Asst., Murphy will be competing directly with BC for talent

But it all starts and ends Christian, so i guess this is a bump in the road

CT said...

Hey, it's the sarcastic guy. Hey, sarcastic guy.

This story sounds incomplete.

Hario said...

Man i dont wanna go nuts about an assistant coach leaving but seems like an odd move for sure.

I def have just a bad gut feeling that this team is about a decade a new coach away from being relevant.

Knucklehead said...

The program is a disaster. Why is this guy so important? I hope the door hits him in the posterior on his way out.

TheFive said...

Wow, it's very difficult to see how the basketball program emerges from the deep hole that it's in. Creighton's coach indicated in an interview that Murphy inquired about the position when he reached out to Murphy to discuss Magarity's transfer. So, an assistant with ties to the school was looking for a lifeline out.

The sad thing is that I don't think the school gives a damn. In light of that, it's much tougher to give a damn myself. It's unfortunate. No matter how good we get in football, we will always be on the outside looking in at the top powers. In basketball, small schools can succeed. But they need to commit the resources to do so. And we don't. Simple as that.

Hoib said...

The 5

I'm w/ u. I would just add that the lack of fan interst makes it easy for the school to just take a pass while it sits back and collects the ACC checks.

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