Saturday, May 23, 2015

Two more commitments for Addazio

Addazio picked up two more commitments for his 2016 recruiting class. Both were pleasant surprises in their own way. The first commitment came from Michigan OLine prospect Tom Kowalkoski. He is 6'4 and 265 lbs and plays for traditional power Catholic Central. Kowalkoski holds offers from MAC schools, but BC was the first Power 5 to offer and fortunately he committed in a quick time frame. I am sure BC's interest will get some of the Big Ten schools talking to him off the ledge, but Addazio does a good job of keeping commitments committed.

The second commitment was New Jersey QB Anthony Brown. BC focused in on Brown months ago and have been waiting on his verbal. Just when it seemed like he was ready, things would drag out. Other schools came calling and it looked like he might be slow playing BC. I don't know why he finally decided, but he's now a verbal commitment. Brown is 6'2 and has a live arm. He holds offers from many of our peers, like Northwestern, Syracuse and Virginia Tech.

This class won't be as big as the last two, so it is nice to get key pieces like a QB and Lineman. I assume more things will pick up when camps start in a few weeks.


JBQ said...

As Bill Clinton said so well, "it all depends on what the meaning of 'is' is". In order to have a 2016, you have to have a 2015. If Addazio has a 50-50 split which means 6-5 (only one of the FCS count), then the gods will have been kind and then it is up and beyond. This season could be kind or it could be cruel. If it is kind, there will be a 2016. If it is cruel as in 2-10 which means 1-10, then there will be no 2016. I hope that coach has his chin strap buckled really tight.

EagleOutDere said...

Anthony Brown created a very favorable impression at a regional camp in Ohio.

Great for us in that it shows he's developing, bad for us in that it's chum in the water for other programs.