Thursday, June 18, 2015

Christian gets his big man

As much as we (and to a certain extent Jim Christian's staff) wanted an elite transfer, Christian more than made up for it with another solid piece to this incoming class. 6'9 F/C John Carlos-Reyes committed to BC Thursday night. The Georgia product picked BC over offers from Penn State and South Florida. I don't know enough about Carlos-Reyes to know why he was still available at this point in the process. But kudos to Christian for being opportunistic.

The only downside to this scholarship is that BC is once again imbalanced with regards to talent. We have another mega-class that puts BC in the cycle of losing, hoping the guys get better and then rebuilding every four years. It will be up to Christian to add some balance in the next two recruiting cycles.


Hoib said...

It’s nice to have a coach who gets it. After that Bozo who preceded him, good to see.

JD said...

Big classes aren't a bad thing if they are pruned in out years

EL MIZ said...

current roster breakdown:

Seniors (1): Clifford (C)
Juniors (1): Owens (SF)
Sophomores (1): Hicks (G) - assuming (A) he's still on the team and (B) you only get one medical redshirt
Freshmen (7): Dialo (PF), Turner (SF), Millon (SG), Barnes-Thompkins (G), Robinson (G), Meznieks (SF), Reyes (PF)

and we currently have one commitment (PG Ty Graves) for 2016.

still wouldn't hurt to add an upperclass transfer, although i have no idea if BC is in the hunt for any.

here's to hoping at least a few of these XTIAN recruits can actually play.

Thomas said...

2019 final four here we come!

Scott said...

Big classes aren't a problem if they are full of real talent .(I.e., 3 ACC caliber starters, and 2 legit rotation/role players) and if failures are quickly pruned.

Either way, it works fine so long as he recruits well afterwards to fill in the holes. 7 additional spots is plenty to stabilize the roster before the 2016 class graduates.

The problem with Donahue's big class is that only 1 of the 5 could play ... And recruited poorly after ... And he failed to run off the useless bodies.

ATL_eagle said...

BC is in a cycle of big classes. Think Raji-Southern-Paris-Sanders etc then Donahue's big class and then this one. The problem becomes that to develop them, most of the guys need to play...which leads to losing when they are young. And a big class can scare off recruits in the class that follows. Plus there is the rebuilding. Ideally there will be attrition and Christian will bring in more talent behind this group.

Scott said...

No doubt, BC's last two 5-man recruiting classes precipitated endless losing seasons.

And I appreciate your argument against Big classes because it inevitably leads to cyclical rebuilding once they graduate. But that theory presume's the "Big 5" are so good that (1) they'll produce 2 great seasons as upperclassman, and as such, (2) scare off new recruits worried they won't earn meaningful playing time during the 2 peak seasons. Neither premise holds true in BC's case.

We lost over-and-over simply because both 5-man classes grossly underperformed from start to finish. They were both plagued by 3-4 useless under-performers. That's a shameful 70-80% failure rate. We never got the winning seasons ... and their pitiful performance certainly didn't scare off future recruits concerned about PT.

The first rule of a 5-man class, is make sure that 4 of them are high end. Once we have that foundation, then we can evaluate whether it's a wise strategy for a new coach looking to rebuild a program.

Hoib said...

Anything Al did should never be compared to Onahue. We'd love to have Al's big class coming in right now. In Al's class, Rggie came later, and in Onahue's time O came later, the only good player of his entire regime. So those guys weren't scared off. Untill the NCAA gets rid of 1 and done and immediate transfers for GS chaos will reign, so I don't think balanced recruiting matters at this point.