Monday, June 08, 2015

Confusing recruiting

I don't want to harp on one recruit but sometimes one kid can illustrate a bigger challenge. Remember Ronnie Blackmon? He's had a "will he" or "won't he" process with BC. At various times, various services have said different things about his status. He then seemingly committed to BC on his trip. In the continuing fickle nature of college recruiting, I wouldn't count on him now.

Blackmon took part in a local showcase here in Atlanta and was one of the top performers. However, in the write up there was no mention of Boston College. Also, most of the recruiting services have has interest in BC waning. What happened? I don't think we will ever know. Given what we are reading, I doubt he will come to BC. First of all we know that Addazio doesn't like kids committing and then flaking. Second, there must be more to Blackmon's story. He is performing very well against SEC-level recruits in SEC and ACC country and his best offers are from outside the region. It doesn't add up.


Kash86 said...

The Blackmon situation is really strange.

My first guess, based on timing, was that he wasn't able to qualify academically, which would make sense based on the schools that are currently recruiting him and appear to have the lead, West Virginia and Louisville who have zero academic restrictions.

The company line in the beginning was that Addazio would not accept his commitment without him visiting, which he did. I cant imagine that this is a case of BC losing interest as Blackmon has a VERY LEGIT offer sheet and would probably be the most heralded DB to join BC since Addazio has been here.

knucklehead said...

Can you say Willie Green or even better Sean Williams?